Invincible Iron Man #506

    Invincible Iron Man » Invincible Iron Man #506 - The Apostate released by Marvel on September 1, 2011.

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    Building from the events of Fear Itself book 4, Tony Stark offers up his sobriety in sacrifice to Odin, and is rewarded with access to the workshops of Svartalfheim so that he might forge weapons to combat "The Chosen".

    Meanwhile, Pepper heads to Paris in her Rescue armor, to see if she can help...


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    In the hall of the dwarves 0

    The concept behind this issue is entirely absurd, but it is quite interesting.  Tony is screaming at a mystical tree in a drunken stupor asking to help what is occurring.  Odin finally gives him the chance and he introduces him to the metalworking and weapon making dwarves.  The interplay between these Tony and the group of dwarves is really well paced, touches well on his character (as well as the dwarves though they have just been introduced) and has some nice moments of levity.  Conversely Pe...

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    A Great Example of What Crossover Tie-Ins Should Be 0

    The Fear Itself tie-in issues of Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man have been, by FAR, the best Fear Itself tie-in issues I"ve read.  More than that, they are easily among the best EVENT tie-in stories I've ever read, PERIOD.  So often these corporate-mandated crossover tie-in issues are an annoying detour from ongoing plot threads, and are mediocre at best so that they don't even reward you for the delay, but these past few issues of Iron Man have been exceptionally strong.  The hammer-possess...

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    Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay 0

    Tony abases himself to attain aid for the earth from the All Father. Pepper heads to Paris to do whatever she can to help those affected by the Grey Gargoyle's rampage, but the Hammers have no intention of making that an easy task.   The Good  I get to read in my drunk Tony voice, been some years sense that one's gotten a good workout.  Larroca turns in some really excellent pencils this issue. Some is best work this issue happens straight out the gate as you see Tony pleading for Odin's audienc...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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