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Dark Tomorrow

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Iron man has come a long way over the years and not just Technology wise oh no he's come a long way as a character he's gone from selfish CEO to Selfless Hero to near authoritarian dictator of the Marvel community when he ran shield and then to slowly becoming stupid and not regular stupid like if Paris Hilton, George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Homer Simpson and a brain dead chimp named Bubbles fused into one being of such epic stupidity that the universe cannot for the sake of existence itself allow you to live. Thankfully the good old Tony Stark is back in action with a brand spanking new suit and a new Partner in Pepper Potts as the new hero Rescue. Now today's tale is one of those future stories we get from time to time in comics that is a possibility of what could happen to the characters in the future but 99.9% of the time it never comes true because as we all know comic characters age slower than the Martain Manhunter but this oen we'll get to see if it happens sooner rather than later because if my math is right later this year Tony Stark is going to be a father that's right Marvel's original party animal is going to be fighting crime and changing diapers  right along side his soon to be baby momma Pepper Pott's....Oh this is going to be good. Well I best get on to the review so lets begin.
      The future of the Marvel Universe is bleak my friends it's almost like the Terminator future except the Mandarin rules the world and Tony is his slave....boy how the mighty have fallen. Now this tale tells the story of 3 generations of the Stark Family Tony his son and his granddaughter Ginny honestly when I 1st saw her name I thought it was short for the Guinness Beer oh well cause as the old saying goes Poor Literacy is Kool. The  story however doesn't only take place in the future however it always happens in the present with Tony teaming up with Spidey again is it just me or does it seem that in this volume of the series the only time spidey pops up is when there's a filler or epilogue issue in the series like issue 7 after the incident with Ezekiel Stane. So the whole point is Tony is trying to track down some prototype weapons he's created and obviously finds and destroys them with the aid of Spider-man and his actions after help him save the future. In the future story tony manages to kill the mandarin and create an EMP so powerful that it send the earth back to an Iron Age leaving Ginny the Sole Survivor of the Stark family alone to rebuild the world. The Story is pretty good the only problem I have for it is there is no real origin for the new characters and I'm curious to see how the got to this point. Now I like the artwork a lot for the present day scenes but the artwork for future doesn't sit to well with me it seems more appropriate in an Indy comics or in a comic where there's a lot of magical characters at play.
        I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this comic gets the stamp of approval.

Iron Man #500


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