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Invincible Iron Man #33 review

Wow, I really enjoyed this one. Lately, I haven't been enjoying Matt Fraction's writing but i must say that this was an amazing way to finish off the stark resilient story line. This story basically fills in all the missing pieces of the previous issues and actually almost makes up for the long and dragged out story arc. I felt as if this issue showcased Fraction's ability of witty writing and humorous dialogue. The whole idea of the repulsor powered car was very interesting even though I felt as if there was to much focus towards it in the comics prior to this one. We are still missing development of detroit steel's character but at least we got to see him doing something useful. I still have a huge problem with the way Fraction is portraying Rhodey though, i feel as if i'm looking and listening to Don Cheadle every time i see Jim. I think Fraction didn't read much of the comics that Jim originated in, Fraction's version of Jim isn't the smart and funny version of Rhodey that he has always had. Rhodey has such a strong personality and i feel like its a crime to make him like Cheadle. The action in this story is great and the cliffhanger at the end of the story literally made me jump for joy. He brought the Mandarin back and it makes me the happiest guy ever. I'm very excited to see what he does with him. This is one of the best comics of the Invincible Iron Man series and you should really consider buying it.


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Was this the issue in which Mandarin comes?

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