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Review: Invincible Iron Man #33

With both War Machine and Rescue powered down and out of commission, Tony Stark gives Detroit Steel and his drones one hell of a race IN their would-be assassination.

The Good

Smartass superheroes are more the rule than the exception these days, but Fraction's Tony Stark ridicules his foes with such flippant panache, it feels like a much realer brand of showboating. Let me put it this way - - Stark turns an narrowly-repelled attempt on his life into a smug commercial for his new car. So much of that realism is owed to Larroca's elegant line work, which renders outlandish characters like Detroit Steel and the Mandarin with the same gravitas as closer-to-Earth faces like General Babbage and the Hammer Girls.

The Bad

I was going to gripe about the story being paced a little too deliberately but, taking a step back, the pacing really isn't different from the way comics used to be - - ongoing serializes that weren't always so neatly divided into arcs.

The Verdict - 5/5

I was going to give this a 4.5 until the back-up story absolutely compelled me to kick the rating up over the cliff. Fraction really understands how to exploit every aspect of a comic to deliver the most entertainment possible and this silent story's use of smart phone tickers and updates was an absolutely brilliant conceit. Much has already been established about Stark's odd blend of work addiction and his scatter-brained life style, but I don't think I've ever seen it represented as directly as this.

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