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    Tony's closest friends and lovers have gathered and try to help rebuild his shattered consciousness, body, life, and legacy...but when Tony gets the call, does he WANT to come back? CAN he...even with Dr.Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, bridging the gap between the two worlds? And you didn't think the bad guys were going to just sit back and let Tony rest and recuperate, did you?


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    Is Tony Stark Going To Die? 0

    Originally posted on December 13, 2009.   ...

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    Invincible Iron Man #21: Start me Up! 0

      Since the Most Wanted arc began, Matt Fraction deconstructed Tony Stark one issue after the next. Tony Stark’s essence was boiled down into this cinematic moment where Norman Osborn, the director Hammer is ready to ram his fist through Tony’s skull and what are Stark’s potentially last words? “I win.” Tony Stark is a egotistical self-righteous misogynist bastard, which is why the subsequent arc Stark Dissembled explores the question, “Why does Tony Stark deserve to be back?” Pep...

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    Picking up momentum. 0

    Minor Spoilers The basic rundown of this issue: It picked up the threads of the last issue brilliantly. Captain America (Steve) comes in now (I didn't actually realize that it was Bucky in the last issue that was the Cap.) along with Rhodey to bring back Tony from being a vegetable. Some really cool stuff happens with the villain that was tasked with making sure Tony stays down for good. The sand stuff is still a little odd but it makes a lot more sense this time now that it's revealed what he w...

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