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    Great potential here. I felt that "The Invincible Iron Man" started to lose its momentum with the lovers quarrel between Stark and Masque a few issues back, but this new storyline feels like it just might make some significant changes both for Stark himself but more importantly for key characters' relationship with Stark.  Stark's talking head sequence had moments of power (referring to his relationship with Cap and Thor as the closest thing he has had to faith) mixed with many moments of confusing, unfocused blabbering (which I assume the writer was going for).  

    The desert dream sequence is well paced and subtle, and the hospital scene has great potential in the future issues. I appreciate that a character actually questions why  Tony Stark gets a second chance over anyone else and I hope that question is covered maturely and thoroughly throughout this story arc.
    Also as a side note I was very happy to see the guest villian (?) in this book. As Dark reign is coming to a head it is very exciting to see the books start to come together particularly where the cross over makes sense (my understanding of the guest villian is that he stands strong against the major corporations and ruling organizations of the world and would naturally be willing to take time out to keep Stark out of the picture.)
    Additionally, the orange and pink cover is my favorite of the month. Great design.

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