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    The World's Most Wanted is now the World's Most Shattered... how does Tony Stark come back from the events of the last year? How CAN he? Is he even alive? Sort of... The Eisner Award-winning title for BEST NEW SERIES kicks off a new story arc leading into this summer's double-sized 25th issue extravaganza here with STARK: DISASSEMBLED!


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    Review from a newly reborn comic reader 0

    Great potential here. I felt that "The Invincible Iron Man" started to lose its momentum with the lovers quarrel between Stark and Masque a few issues back, but this new storyline feels like it just might make some significant changes both for Stark himself but more importantly for key characters' relationship with Stark.  Stark's talking head sequence had moments of power (referring to his relationship with Cap and Thor as the closest thing he has had to faith) mixed with many moments of confus...

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    Pretty neat stuff. 0

    So, to start I must admit.. I haven't read like any Iron Man. I'm on a mission to review all of his solo adventures and this is where I decided to start. After this I will be going back to the beginning. So the basic run down is this: Stark is brain dead now and Cap and Thor want him back. Norman Osborn on the other hand is pretty pleased that Stark is out of commission because he is running something called H.A.M.M.E.R. Something about digging up teeth, Stark industries being bad and an oran...

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    Invincible Iron Man #20: Avengers assemble for a Friend 0

    Someone or something is preventing Tony Stark from remembering the Iron Man, which made him into a legendary hero. World's Most Wanted ended with Tony Stark having succeeded at keeping the Super Hero registration file out of Norman Osborn's hands. The cost was Tony's brain. He remains in a vegetative state in the midst of Bucky (Captain America), Donald Blake (Thor), Pepper Potts (Iron Man), Black Widow, and Maria Hill. Essentially, Tony's demise has brought the Avengers back together to make a ...

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