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Thor, the mighty Thunder God makes an appearance! But what side does he fight for? Is he with the Invaders…or against them?

In England, Nazi saboteurs attempt to destroy three experimental Achilles super-tanks. The Invaders fight up against them, but two of the tanks are destroyed during the course of battle, one of which is destroyed by Prince Namor. After rounding up the saboteurs, the Invaders are greeted by General Moore who expresses the importance of safeguarding the last remaining Achilles tank. He instructs them to bring it to Russia so the Allies can begin mass production.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Adolf Hitler and his men use a device that can view other dimensions. They learn of Asgard and witness the God of Thunder in pitched battle. Hitler believes that if such a being were fighting on behalf of the Third Reich, then their victory against the Allies would be assured.

Using the device, they spirit Thor away from his native realm and bring him inside Hitler's bunker. Hitler provides Thor with a heavily biased explanation of the war and convinces him to fight on behalf of Germany.

Later, the Invaders arrive in Russia with the Achilles tank. They intercept a squadron of Nazi fighter planes attacking a passenger train. They defeat the pilots and safeguard the train which is carrying Josef Stalin. Suddenly, Thor arrives on the battlefield to fight the Invaders.


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