The Infinity War #6

    The Infinity War » The Infinity War #6 - The Animus Engagement released by Marvel on November 1992.

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    Magus triumphant! Who will win the Infinity War...and at what price?

    Magus now is more than a god with the Infinity Gauntlet. He know has the power to create his own universe as he sees fit.

    Earth's heroes are battling their doppelgangers and Galactus has realized the error of returning the power to the Infinity Gauntlet. Magus decides his fun is over and with the snap of his fingers he makes the doppelgangers disappear. He has horrible plans for Warlock and all the universe. He collects all those that fought against him as trophies. But he is met by Thanos, who has defeated his own doppelganger.

    He battles Thanos, and Thanos begins to question his mind. He distracts him long enough for Adam Warlock to escape and touch the Gauntlet. For the moment, they both control all of reality, now it is a battle of control.

    But the Magus has been deceived. The Gauntlet does not contain the true Reality Gem. Aware of this, Warlock is able to overpower him. Eternity and Infinity combine and it seems the universe is at an end.

    But Earth's heroes are all transported back to their homes in the blink of an eye. They all assume Warlock has the power of the gems and is now god.

    But back on Monster Island, Thanos and the Infinity Watch gather around a catatonic Adam Warlock. They return is soul gem in the hopes he can stay in peace. Eternity greets them and tells them that the gems placed together will never wield any power ever again, regardless of the circumstances. Thanos believes that Warlock's state is because he took back his evil half and his good half remains free. He claims that if ever Warlock should awaken, he may be a greater threat than he ever was. Thanos leaves to contemplate his own destiny.

    Meanwhile, the Magus has been trapped in Soul World. He soon realizes he is not visible to any others their and he is less than nothing.



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