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The evil dopplegangers infiltration of the Marvel heroes has led to mistrust and infighting...and things get worse when a Gamma bomb is detonated!

All the teams have arrived at Four Freedoms Plaza for the meeting called by Mr. Fantastic. They are waiting for a few stragglers before they begin. Doom and Kang are formulating how to find the source of the energy to steal it.

Back on Monster Island, Thanos meets with the Infinity Watch. In order to get information, Thanos has Pip transport them to Death's realm to use the Infinity Well. The Well tells them that when Adam Warlock had the Infinity Gauntlet he subconsciously split the good and evil from himself, thus reviving the Magus. The well informs them that he has great power and plans to assimilate the Earth's heroes with evil copies. But this is all according to the Magus' plan and he informs Death she has trespassers.

Galactus, the Silver Surfer, Nova and Doctor Strange arrive at the energy fluctuation Galactus had picked up. They are able to trace it and head off toward the true source. But Doom and Kang have placed a tracking device on Galactus' ship and plan to follow.

Hawkeye informs Spider-Man of the meeting. When Hawkeye leaves he is attacked by his doppelganger. Spider-Man stops it but is taken out by Iron Man's doppelganger, who now poses as Iron Man.

Reed begins the meeting and tells everyone of the copy that attacked him. Wolverine enters and tells them he was attacked by a copy as well. He also tells everyone that Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are copies. The heroes become divided and begin to battle before Daredevil also senses they are the true imposters as well. It is revealed that they are both right and the reason Reed wanted them all there before he started was to kill them and a gamma bomb is unveiled.

Thanos and the Infinity Watch learn from Mole Man of the meeting on Earth. Thanos realizes this is no coincidence. They go there just in time to see the gamma bomb explode.

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