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Earth's gathered champions are rocketing toward Paradise Omega, home of Adam Warlock's virtuous female doppleganger, the Goddess. Has she been slain? What is next for the heroes?

Thanos has begun his preparations to defeat the Goddess. He enlists the help pf the Silver Surfer. Thanos and Adam Warlock have created a plan. Thanos wears Adam Warlock's soul gem so that Adam may travel to the Soul World to seek assistance from an unlikely ally. Thanos also needs the assistance of Professor X's mind powers. The Surfer is to create a distraction.

They inform Earth's heroes about their distraction they have set up. They reluctantly agree to follow Thanos' plan. Thanos teleports Professor X to them, who is in a catatonic state, to use his mind personally. The Surfer sets off for the distraction while Thanos retrieves a device known as Dreadnaught 666, which he had created long ago to take over the universe.

Meanwhile, the Goddess has sent her Holt Guards to deal with the heroes at Avengers Mansion. They are in utter shock when they find no one there, meaning they are already on their way to Paradise Omega.

The Surfer is now attempting something he never has before, to take in massive amounts of the sun's energy. He may possibly die from this attempt. He swells in size and energy and is guided to Paradise Omega by Hulk and Drax. The Holy Guard is defenseless against him and he destroys the moon surrounding the planet.

The distraction in place, Earth's heroes pull their Quinjets in, which are quickly destroyed by Thor. Hulk and Drax begin to battle Thor. The remaining heroes all use escape pods to land on the planet, where the members of the Holy Guard are waiting. Thanos' plan requires one pod to remain in orbit so he can maintain long range scanning.

Meanwhile, Warlock has reached the person he seeks.......the Magus.


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