The Infinite Embassy

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    The Infinite Embassy is a massive structure that sits at the very top of Earth's dimensional clusters. It was created by The Living Tribunal as neutral territory for all things beyond mortal comprehension to come together in peace to discuss current events and such.

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    At some unknown point in history, The Living Tribunal constructed The Infinite Embassy, which resembles a robotic version of his face, strictly for the purpose of giving beings beyond the comprehension of mortals a safe, neutral environment to discuss current events and such under the ever-watchful eyes of The Magistrati, who tend the Embassy for their master. In order to keep fights between the different factions who meet here on a daily basis from occurring, a very serious law has been put in place to maintain order and neutrality in the Embassy: Everyone must come in peace.
    Anyone who dares break that law runs the risk of having their existence privileges revoked by The Living Tribunal himself. The inside of the Embassy is broken up into many different meeting rooms tailor-made for the different classes of entities that visit the Embassy to convene in without any interruptions from the other factions. The most famous and well-known areas of the Embassy are the pocket dimension where The Council of Godheads from Earth always meet and The Devil's Advocacy, which is where beings like Mephisto, Dormammu, Cyttorak and Shuma-Gorath meet.
    The Devil's Advocacy is probably the most famous and infamous area of all as it contains the throne of the true Satan, which has remained empty for as long as any of the visiting demonic deities can remember. Unlike the Godheads, who actually discuss important matters, the demons who visit The Devil's Advocacy usually just go there to mouth off at one another and prove how close they place themselves to the throne as well as how highly they think of themselves. Though many demons such as Marduk Kurios claim to be the true Satan, none of them have ever dared to sit on the throne for fear of being ripped to shreds by everyone else.  
    The Fear Lords, Nightmare, the Dweller in Darkness, D'Spayre, Kkallakku, Straw Man, The Lurking Unknown, and Nox are also known to hold meetings in a subbasement of the Infinite Embassy.

    Other than that, not much else is known about what lies within The Infinite Embassy.

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