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Magnified emotions and unbridled madness in the Swamps!


Another Infernal Man-Thing, another strange trip.

There is just something about this story, something you cannot deny. Unfortunately, it is not tangible, nor is it easy to explain.

During most of the story I feel unworthy, unable to comprehend what is reallygoing on, unsure as to if I should understand. To say it is “heady”, is an understatement. Steve Gerber had a plan for this story - and I hope by the end of the next (and last) issue in this mini-series, I understand that plan.

Whether I understand the overall plan for this mini-series or not, there is something that we all can relate to within its pages - the common experience of filling our days with something that is only a means to an end, an end that is too often, too far in the future to realize.

Once again, this issue’s current release story is accompanied by its 1974 counterpart - Part Two of “Song-Cry of the Living Dead Man” (Man-Thing #12).

I look forward to the next issue, due out in a month’s time (8/29/2012). At that time, I hope to fully “get” what Gerber intended. At the very least, I know I will have enjoyed the ride… or at least I think I know… maybe I feel it… yeah, that’s it… feel it…


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