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    Series » Published by Marvel. Started in 1996-1997.

    The Incredible Hulk is an American animated television series starring the Marvel Comics character the Hulk. In this dark take on the Green Goliath's life, Bruce Banner attempts to cure his condition permanently while he tries to escape from enemies who are following him, every step of the way.

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    Season 1 (13 Episodes)

    Unlike Fantastic Four: The Animated Series and Iron Man: The Animated Series, the entire series was developed by the two shows' second season creators. The first season was mainly dark and mature in take, which is not similar to the two programs above since these two shows may have a mild adult tone, the endings are mostly calm and are considered happy endings, mostly. The first season concerns Dr. Bruce Banner's attempts to seek a cure for the cure, with some aid from Rick Jones, the reason why Bruce became the Hulk, Betty Ross, Bruce's love interest and his friend Doc Samson. Bruce's attempt to find a cure were ended mostly in failure, due to the intervention of several of his enemies. Bruce, while uncontrollably transforms into the Hulk in several occasions, travels to several parts of the world to find peace, an end to his pain and to stop his adversaries. Along his journey for inner peace, the Hulk encounters several enemies like General Ross, and his right hand man, Major Talbot. He also fights fellow rogue SHIELD Agent Gabriel Jones, The Leader and his servant boys, Gargoyle, and Abomination, the supercharged alien, Zzzax, the savage Sasquatch, the tyrannical Doctor Doom and the monstrous Wendigo and the villainous Ogress. With all of these enemies in the way, the Hulk may need help from people like Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Doc Samson, Iron Man, with his friend War Machine and his computer HOMER, the mysterious Daniel Ketch, a member of the Fantastic Four name the Thing, his cousin She-Hulk and the mighty Thor. Will the Hulk save the world and receive peace?

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    Season 2 (8 Episodes)

    By this time, the show is now called, "The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk". The dark tone of the show has been removed, thus making it more child friendly. After the events of the "Darkness and Light" trilogy, which is the first season's finale, Bruce Banner unwillingly transforms into the Grey Hulk, and the other Hulk is not happy about his new brother. This causes further inner turmoil with them. Luckily, She-Hulk and Rick Jones return to help him and General Ross is in a coma, which lessens his problems. Many more of Hulk's alter ego's surface like the gangster Mr. Fixit. With more added help from Doctor Strange, will the Hulk get his head straight? By the way, Doctor Doom returns again.

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    Season 3 (No Episodes)

    When the creators of the show decided to make the show lighter, it's popularity plummeted, thus leading to it's confirmed fate, which is cancellation after the episode "Mission: Incredible" was aired. As of now, Season 3 will never happen.


    Critical reception for Season 1 was general acclaim from critics and fans of the comic books as well. The first season was given unanimous praise for it's undeniably adult tone and it's seriousness, as well as the first season's story arcs. The voice acting was also likened such as the several guest appearances from famous actors and well-known characters from the comics. However, the second season was received with disappointment because of it's lack of the first season's darkness, and the core characters sudden disappearance was also received negatively. As a result, the show only lasted two seasons with, only 21 episodes.


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