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    "Beauty and the Beast!"

    The evil Tyrannus is bent on world conquest, and he sees Betty Ross as the key to his ambitions. Posing as an archaeologist, Tyrannus kidnaps Betty. When Rick and The Hulk try to rescue her, they find that Tyrannus was prepared for them, and he captures and enslaves The Hulk!

    "The Hordes of General Fang!"

    General Ross finally deploys the Iceberg Missile to take down The Hulk, but is unsuccessful, and Rick and The Hulk once again elude capture. Meanwhile, a ruthless Communist dictator, General Fang, leads his army into the peaceful land of Llhasa, bent on conquest - but The Hulk dons a disguise in order to stop him!



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    Incredible Hulk Falls in to Unincredible Superheroics 0

    Last issue it seemed like the first Incredible Hulk series had jumped the shark in it's first year - and this issue confirms it. It features two stories where The Hulk takes on unremarkable stock supervillains.  The first story 'Beauty and the Beast' has a subterranean, would-be world conqueror, and his underground army (no, not the Mole Man - it must be getting really crowded down there with all these underground armies) enslaving the Hulk. Predictably, Hulk escapes and runs amok eventually bri...

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    Beauty and the Beast! 0

    In what is probably the worst Hulk issue yet, this month we see the new switch on/switch off Hulk battle it out with a maniac who lives at the centre of the Earth, can see anything and project himself anywhere as an image, and yet feels compelled to take down The Hulk just because. And what’s with all these villains taking up refuge in the centre of the Earth? I know, I know; it was 1963 and back then this seemed like a pretty cool, mildly entertaining concept… fair enough. But we’ve seen it too...

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