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Two is better than one! Bruce Banner must merge back with the Hulk to save his life!

After Hulk beat up She-Hulk last issue, they all decide that the Hulk must die, because nothing of Bruce Banner is still inside the monster.

Meanwhile, Bruce Banner is at the hospital in great pain because of the separation from the Hulk. The doctor says the only way to save him is to reunite their bodies again.

Doctor Sansom realizes that something is wrong with the Hulk, becasuse he is getting weaker instead of stronger during the fight, and that is their only chance to capture him alive.

Betty and Rick Jones decides if they save Bruce or not, even if they have to save Hulk to save him. At the end they decide to save him no matter what. General Ross overheard their talk and decides to accept SHIELD's proposal to make him a better fighter in order to destroy the Hulk.

In the meantime the Avengers are using all their power trying to defeat the Hulk in the desert, but in vain. The Avengers but Captain America decides to kill the Hulk, to avoid more destrution, but then Betty Ross stops it saying that if they kill the Hulk, they would be killing Bruce as well.

Then they all capture an unconcious Hulk, while Bruce Banner is desperate because the Hulk is still alive.


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