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The Avengers and the Fantastic Four discover that the Hulk they are after is no longer connected to Bruce Banner- can they kill the beast given this new information?

Hulk is slaughtering Doc Samson and destroying the city of Jericho in the process. The Hulkbusters are defeated and Bruce Banner is miles away passed out coming back from his disaster honeymoon trip with Betty.

Sudenly the Avengers and the West Coast Avengers show up to battle the Hulk and try to save everyone. Captain America demands everyone to hold their punches and not to kill Hulk, but to capture him. But that way the green goliath is defeating everyone.

Back in the hospital where Rick Jones is, Gen. Ross asks for forgiveness on shooting him during the wedding, but Rick denies and shout at him. Then a strange man in the shadows asks Ross if he wants redention.

Bruce Banner is dying because of the split from the Hulk, the doctor says.

Then She-Hulk shows up and tries to talk down the Hulk, but he doesn't want to calm down and punches her away. After that the Avengers decide "The Hulk must die!"


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