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Banished to Outer Space!

Hulk literally flies(!) onto shelves this month with an astoundingly bland thump. You think, maybe Lee and Kirby would let The Hulk stay as he is for maybe a few issues before dumping the entire concept and beginning anew (almost.) From being the Hulk exclusively at night to now permanent and with the ability to fly (which will be changed to a super… very accurate form of leaping) it seems no surprise that fans couldn’t connect with the lumbering madman who—though penned as having a split personality—has shown about five so far. Not only this but we also learn that his little annoying sidekick now has some sort of mind-meld link with the Hulk to the point where he can control him. Brilliant. Banner’s gotta be livid.

Oh and I guess I should mention the issue’s antagonist, The Ringmaster who usesHypnotism to keep whole towns in a trance while his goons loot them for all they’re worth. He’s not bad I guess, and it gives the comic some colourful pages thanks to Dick Ayers’ involvement from here on in, but as an opponent to The Hulk? A bizarre mismatch, indeed. It just never flies off the page like it should. Geddit? Flies?

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