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The Terror of the Toad Men!

Despite being an issue often mocked by fans, I found this one to be an improvement over issue 1. Sure, the central villains are evil toad men… sure… but central to this outing’s appeal for me is a mixture of Steve Ditko’s only appearance in the series as Hulk’s inker making for a much more striking issue visually, and of course the whacky antics of seeing Hulk kick toad ass in space. It’s ridiculous really, but somehow Lee pulls it off to be a decent issue despite its obtuse plotting.

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    I can accept that an alien race evolved on another planet to look a lot like toad men - but the fact that they actually call themselves the Toad Men? Granted, 'the Skrulls' was already taken, but maybe they could have come up with something else to call themselves.  Then there's the fact that all their technology is based on magnetism - cool concept, until they do all sorts of things with magnetism that they shouldn't be able to do. Really, Stan Lee needs to get over using 'radiation' and 'magne...

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    This issue is positively goofy, even by Silver Age Marvel standards. Hulk battles Toad Men from outer space. It's a B-movie, through and through. The Toad Men are nearly exactly the same as the Skrulls from Fantastic Four #2, seen just a few issues ago, so we already have some lame plot recycling coming from Marvel. It was probably the case that launching both Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk as new comics with new characters within a few months of each other wasn't that great of an idea, as t...

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