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Will Bruce Banner and Betty Ross get married? The Rhino says "No!"…and so does the revenge-crazed Leader!

The Rhino Says No!

The Daily Bugle’s front page shows that Betty Ross and the man who used to be The Incredible Hulk are to marry. On reading the news, The Leader decides now, during Bruce Banner’s happiest moment, is when he’ll have his revenge. The colossally craniumed villain targets Bruce and Betty as they take a moonlight boat ride but decides killing them swiftly would not appease his thirst for vengeance. The Leader decides Banner must suffer more for the number of times he’s defeated him and decides the ultimate retribution will be to force The Hulk to kill the woman he loves… on their wedding day! The evil fiend decides to enlist the aid of another one of Hulk’s enemies to carry out his master plan and chooses Rhino, deciding he is strong enough to battle the Hulk but weak willed enough to be easily controlled. The Hulk had left Rhino for dead the last time they fought thus The Leader sends his Super Humanoid to break the comatose crook out of a military hospital.

Meanwhile in a suburban California house, General Ross explains to Bruce that even though they’ve never seen eye to eye, nothing is more important to him than his daughter’s happiness and that he would like them to get married in Betty’s childhood home. Back in his base, The Leader uses his mental bolts to resurrect Rhino and explains his plan to use an amplifier to increase the force of his bolts to turn Banner into a more savage Hulk. Rhino will then attack making Hulk angry enough to kill everyone in sight.

The day of the wedding arrives and Betty can’t believe the day she has been dreaming about for years is finally here. Outside, a disguised fuel truck parks up and the back opens up to reveal The Leader’s amplifier. Within seconds a giant bolt of mental energy shoots through the house that Ross built and hits Bruce Banner, transforming him into The Hulk. Confused at being surrounded by people, Hulk lashes out and obliterates the house. General Ross gets his daughter to safety just before Rhino attacks Hulk. A devastating brawl begins in which Rhino literally drops a house on The Hulk who simply shrugs it off. The Leader decides it’s time to hit Hulk with a final mental blast to turn him completely savage but Rhino, refusing to back down, charges and gets in the way. Angered at being shot Rhino turns on The Leader who decides to flee in an escape pod on the truck. However Rhino jumps onto the pod and violently shakes it as it reaches the sky causing its fuel to explode.

The Hulk watches the explosion from the ground and walks away glad he didn’t have to hurt anyone. However a short distance away, a weeping Betty Ross watches as the limp body of her father is placed in an ambulance after he was hit on the head by debris from the explosion.

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