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The Impossible Family is on vacation! Can Earth handle the madcap energy of not one but a DOZEN Poppupians?? Doctor Strange and Spider-Man are nearly driven insane! Doctor Doom is most unamused by the Impossible Kids! And Impossible Woman derails Janet Van Dyne’s fashion show!

The Impossible Family have decided to go on Earth.

Impossible Man torments Spider-Man followed by Doctor Strange. He then nearly gets the Punisher killed. He finally decides to relax and play some golf with the Epcot ball at Disney.

Impossible Woman attempts to get Quasar to help fix her broken child, but when he cannot help she gets Madcap to take his place, who eventually makes Quasar act as crazy as they do. Impossible Woman then goes to ruin the Wasp's fashion show.

The children meanwhile torment someone who definitely is not used to childish games - Doctor Doom.

Impossible Woman has had enough of the children and they depart Earth, meet on Titan and fly to play some more games with the Skrulls.


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