The Impericon

    Location » The Impericon appears in 6 issues.

    The Impossible Palace! Said to be the single greatest destination in the GALAXY!

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    The Impericon is hidden behind a pocket portal that masks its presence from the heralds of Galactus. It is a place for interstellar vacationing, commerce, and refuge. It is also beset by problems of its own...including the threat of The Never Queen, a being of unimaginable power, who seeks the energy source that makes the Impericon possible.

    Visitors to The Impericon can ski on pollen-covered flowers, stay in luxury suites that boast their own moon, or visit the equatorial bazaar with shops that never stop. Because of the unique nature of The Impericon, trillions of travelers come, but protect the secret of the location.

    Despite the world-covering shield and the protective portal, The Impericon is still protected by a host of Gatekeepers, warriors trained to defend the portal and planet from uninvited guests--especially Heralds of Galactus.

    The Impericon seems to be presided over by a three-eyed, two-mouthed guide calling himself the Incredulous Zed. When Silver Surfer arrives, Zed is the one who shows him around and convinces him to become a champion to fight The Never Queen on behalf of the planet.


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