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"From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you... until now."

The Immortals were once considered as human beings or mortals throughout the centuries. However, these mortals can die only after their first death. First death would mean that the mortals will stop aging and thus become Immortals. It wasn't fully explained how they become Immortals yet they may have the immortality gene and the gene gets activated after their first death. Once they become Immortals, they are involved in "The Game". The Game is an unknown quest where the immortals can only become the One. The One would mean one immortal can be granted a wish.

A wish would grant the immortal to become mortal or become a powerful being holding all knowledge of the previous Immortals being slain years or centuries before. The Immortals are forced to fight in order to protect their heads. To protect their heads, the Immortals either have to train themselves or be trained by another Immortal. The Immortals can't die from wounds, sickness or poison. Although they do die from these causes. They come back after a few seconds once they got healed or being dead for a while. Since the Immortals can't die, they do have one weakness.

The Immortals can die by cutting their heads off. Once an Immortal's head is been cut off, his or her life energy gets transferred to another Immortal who is involved in the fight. Once the life energy got transferred, the Immortal victor receives the previous knowledge and past experiences of the dead Immortal and other recent Immortals. But the mortals or Hunters wouldn't receive the life energy when they cut off an Immortal's head. The Immortals couldn't bear children with mortals since they have stopped aging after their first death. It is said that the two Immortals, male and female can't have children as well.



What is an immortal? An immortal is a being who can live forever without aging. For example, God created angels in the beginning of time. These angels were considered as immortal beings because they can't die like humans do. Naturally, a human being can live a long life until his or her life-span comes to an end. A biblical figure named Methuselah lived for around 900 years. But this doesn't indicate that Methuselah was truly an immortal but a long-lived human. There were other long-lived Biblical figures who lived a long time during the Old Testament.

The first human named Adam who lived about 930 years. During the Flood, Noah also lived about 950 years and was much older than Adam. But Methuselah was the oldest one who lived longer than Adam and Noah. There are possibilities that humans can live longer even though they age throughout the years. In the Highlander franchise, the humans became Immortal beings once their immortality gene gets activated after death.

A soul is also considered as an immortal being. If a human dies of certain death, his or her soul still lives and move on to the next life. However, the Immortals of the Highlander franchise could also have souls even after their heads were been cut off.

Science of Aging and Immortality

People wonder if they can live longer as the Immortals in the Highlander franchise. Just imagine you can't die due to your regenerative healing factor. Many Immortals of the Highlander franchise have a healing factor but they feel pain and even die after a temporary death. If these Immortals were been exposed to the human public, the mortals will do whatever it takes to become like them. The whole reason for secrecy of the Immortals is that they can't share it even though the path to immortality would be impossible for humans to reach.

However, scientists could duplicate the immortality process but not receive the Quickenings from the other Immortals. Because these Immortals were born naturally. Synthetic immortals would only stop aging and become forever young. But the only problem is that these synthetic immortals may not have the healing factor which the Immortals have.

Methods of Immortality

If the Immortals were exposed to the whole world, human scientists would devise a way to achieve immortality. They could perform blood transfusions from an Immortal. But this wasn't proven that the Immortal's blood can make a human into a synthetic Immortal. Since synthetic Immortals were not mentioned in the Highlander franchise, a belief in eternal life remains true in the ancient times. These Immortals didn't do anything to achieve immortality but they were born with it. A scientific theory could not prove how these Immortals had the immortality gene.

The Watchers have indicated that the Immortals were former mortals until their first death. If the mortal had the immortality gene, he or she would likely to become an Immortal. There are other methods of gaining immortality by scientific and mystical means. A scientific method would be an experimental drug that could reverse the aging process. Or cryogenics could help freeze humans and live a better new life rather than the old one.

A mystical method would be an ancient artifact called the Methuselah Stone which gives the user's ability far beyond than an average human. But this method hasn't been used on humans yet as Methos tried to use the stone from preventing his girlfriend's death.


No one knows where the Immortals came from. There were only mentioned as normal humans who were born in past eras. However, the second movie, Highlander 2: The Quickening depicts these Immortals as aliens from another planet called Zeist. But the rest of the Highlander franchise only considered these Immortals as former humans on Earth.

There weren't any scientific theory to prove how these humans became immortal since the immortality gene was based on a mystical aspect of past cultures.


Immortals were not considered as different beings but they existed as mortals after they died for the first time. However, the Hunters considered these Immortals as abominations and a threat to humanity. The Hunters feared that any one of the Immortals can become a powerful being after receiving his or her final Quickening.

The Hunters were used to be Watchers who view the Immortals and their battles throughout history. The Hunters and Watchers are the only humans who knew the existence of the Immortals.

Physical Characteristics

There are Immortals who looks quite the same as they don't age after they die for the first time. However, there are different Immortals who look young and old. For example, the legendary Methos looks young but he's actually 5,000 years old. Richie Ryan also was young but he died at age 23 and later became the Immortal. Even young Immortals whose age less than Richie's can stop aging after they die. In the Highlander series, Kenny died a the age of 12 and later became the youngest Immortal.

But as the years go by, the young Immortal can mature and even trick the other Immortals into believing that he's helpless and couldn't participate in the Game. There weren't any Immortals who can die from age 50s-70s. But the facts could be true that there can be Immortals who look really old.


The Immortals were wildly recorded in history books by a group of mortals called the Watchers. The Watchers witnesses the battle between the two Immortals but does not interfere. The Immortals lived though centuries by taking different aliases. Although the Immortals lived among us, they do learn everything throughout their past lives. The Immortals were born either in ancient China, Japan or other countries.

They are also Scottish Immortals who sets the standard for the Highlander title. The Immortals could have interactions with real historical figures even though it wasn't considered any change in history. The only change is that the Immortals have existed among them without the mortals noticing. But the Watchers only knows about the existence of Immortals. Some Immortals collect ancient artifacts with them. For example, Connor and Duncan Macleod collect their old items and sells them in their antique shops.

However, the Immortals use ancient katanas or swords to train themselves further to fight other Immortals. The Immortals also use different ancient weapons of their choice since they have used them for centuries. There is also another group called Hunters who were an offshoot from the Watchers. These Hunters view the Immortals as an abomination and intends to kill them.

First Death

The Immortals experience their first death after getting killed or being poisoned. It wouldn't matter what age whose the Immortal is born. If a young mortal is dead at age 13 or 26, he or she becomes Immortal and thus will not age any further.

Later, the Immortals can die from multiple deaths and come back later until they are beheaded by mortals or other Immortals.

Temporary Death

After the Immortals die for the first time, they can later die multiple times. If they get stabbed, shot or poisoned, they will die and later come back to life. The Immortals also die of thirst and hunger and then come back.


Although the Immortals have one weakness by cutting off their heads, they don't show any other weaknesses unless they were not experienced in combat. The inexperienced combat skills would give other Immortals an advantage to cut off another Immortal's head. The Immortals can die once after they get attacked and his or her temporary death will give the other Immortal a chance for beheading. However, the Immortals must play the rules of the game.

The Rules

There are three rules that the Immortals must follow in order to win the game. The first rule is to not fight on holy grounds such as churches, temples, etc. However, the Immortals can fight outside these holy grounds. The second rule is that only two Immortals can fight against each other.

The other Immortal(s) cannot interfere with the battle of the two Immortals. The third and last rule is that only one Immortal can become the one. But there are other Immortals being born on Earth which would make any Immortal victor to become the one impossible. These rules can also be taught from teachers to their students.

Once the students have been given the rules, they can fight the other Immortals. But there are other Immortals who don't follow these rules and they intend to kill wherever possible. The Hunters also don't follow these rules since they are not Immortal.

Holy Ground

The Immortals have their own rule not to battle in the sacred grounds such as cathedrals, holy shrines, temples and churches. The reason for this rule wasn't truly confirmed but it would mean bad luck for the Immortals. There is a similar myth when vampires can't enter sacred grounds due to their nature.

However, the Immortals can enter these grounds so that they wouldn't fight against other Immortals or risk being beheaded. But the Hunters have no part to these rules so that they can hunt down and behead the Immortals.

The Quickening

Quickening from the first Highlander movie
Quickening from the first Highlander movie

The Quickening is considered as an electrical energy that emnates from the dead Immortal. This electrical energy causes destruction and shatters everything around the Immortal victor. The dead Immortal's life energy gets transferred to the Immortal victor and receives strength, power, and knowledge. The Immortal can feel pain when he or she receives the Quickening.

There are two types of quickening, the Dark Quickening and the Light Quickening. The Dark Quickening occurs when the Immortal victor receives it from an evil Immortal. The Immortal victor could have a split personality based on the Dark Quickening. However, there is a reverse in the process, which is the Light Quickening. The Immortals have to receive a Light Quickening from a pure Immortal who resists fighting against other Immortals.

For more information about the Quickenings and the other types of Quickenings. Click the link here.

The Gathering

The Gathering refers to several Immortals who were only left behind on Earth. These Immortals will have to fight in order to become the one. In the end, the last two Immortals fight against each other until one of them dies and the other one becomes the victor. The Immortal victor will receive the final quickening and then the prize.

The Game

The Game is considered as a quest to win the prize. Once the Immortals are born, they have no choice but to get involved in the game. Otherwise, the Immortals can hide themselves in the Holy Ground where the Immortal battles are forbidden.

When the last two Immortals are left standing, only one Immortal can win the battle. Although there are so many Immortals being born, the Game is a never-ending battle.

The Prize

Once the last Immortal wins the Game, he or she has been given a prize. The Prize was not fully explained of what it can do. However, The Prize is considered as a gift being given to an Immortal after winning the Game. The Immortals uses this gift to become anything he or she wants.

The Immortals can either become a mortal who can age and die. Or the Immortal can use this gift to extend his or her knowledge and help prevent the destruction of mankind or destroy it.

The One

After winning the prize, the only Immortal left standing can fulfill a desire or a wish to become powerful. Hence, the Highlander tagline, "There can be only one". The wish depends on the Immortal who is either good or evil. If the evil Immortal wins, he or she will control the entire world due to their own image.

But there are heroic Immortals who just want to become mortals so that they could have a normal life. But only one Immortal can decide his or her fate. For example, Connor MacLeod became the aged mortal after he won the battle against another unknown Immortal in the movie, Highlander 2: The Quickening.


After the Immortal wins the prize, there are other Immortals who may be born throughout the countries. There were no facts showing that there can be more Immortals being born even after one Immortal wins the prize. However if the new Immortals are being born, they have to fight the Immortal victor. If the Immortal victor became a mortal, it's possible for a mortal to turn back into an Immortal.

In Highlander 2: The Quickening, Connor MacLeod won the prize and became a mortal. When he was attacked by General Katana's henchmen, Connor kills one of them and receives a Quickening. This wasn't explained why would a mortal receive a Quickening from an Immortal. Since Connor was originally born an Immortal, he could become an Immortal again by receiving another Quickening.

The Source

The Source
The Source

The Source was mentioned in Highlander: The Source movie. However, it was not fully explained of what the Source is. Some Immortals say that their immortality comes from the Source. But this fact was never considered true. The Source is viewed as a phenomenon whom the Immortals can gain access to ultimate power.

But an Immortal Guardian guards the Source and if the Immortal beats the Guardian, the Immortal have a choice either to behead the Guardian and receive the Quickening or spare him. Once the Immortal have beaten the Guardian, the Immortal becomes the next Guardian and gains access to the Source. When the Immortals are close to finding the Source, they can be weakened and might lose their immortality.


There are types of Immortals who appeared in the highlander franchise. However, they are still one of their kind, they display different styles, powers, and characteristics.

Jettattors are the group of Immortals who appeared in the Highlander: The Animated Series. These immortals have promised themselves not to engage in battles. So they decided to use their power and knowledge to help protect Earth.

The Four Horsemen are a group of dangerous Immortals who terrorized innocent people in the past. They recently killed people in the Bronze Age. However, Methos was among that group and later decided to resign as the second Horseman, Death to redeem his old ways. The Four Horsemen include:

Four Horsemen
Four Horsemen

- Kronos who represents War and was beheaded by Duncan MacLeod.

- Methos who was also known as Death but later abandoned his ways of killing.

- Silas who represents Pestilence and was beheaded by Methos.

- Caspian who represents Famine and was beheaded by Duncan MacLeod.

The Four Horsemen appeared only in two episodes of the Highlander series. Such episodes include Comes A Horseman and Revelation 6:8.


The Guardians were considered as Immortal beings who guards the Source. Their origins were not fully revealed, but there is only one Guardian. If the Guardian gets beaten by another Immortal, he or she will become the next Guardian of the Source. The Guardians can also receive the Quickening just like the other Immortals. In this case, if the Immortals are close to the Source, they can be killed without beheading their heads. For example, the Guardian slashed a young Immortal named Reggie to death in Highlander: The Source movie.

The Elders are a group of Immortals who were cursed by decay while trying to access the Source. However, there was only one Elder who seeks the Source. In the past, the two Immortals found the Source and later killed the original Guardian. The death of the Guardian inflicted a curse on the two Immortals with decay. One of the two Immortals became the next Guardian of the Source and the other became the Elder.

Methos, the Legendary Immortal


Methos was considered a myth until it was revealed that he was actually secretly working for the Watchers organization. While working for the Watchers, Methos used an alias named Adam Pierson. Methos used to be one of the deadly four Horsemen known as Death. During the ancient times, Methos used to participate in killing innocent lives along with the other Horsemen until he changed his bad ways.

The oldest Immortal was not even considered as a strong warrior since he didn't want any part of himself in the Game. He was a target for all other Immortals who wanted his great power and knowledge even though Methos was a weak character.

Amanda, the Immortal Thief


Amanda is a 1200 year old Immortal whose age is quite older and younger than the legendary Methos. Born in France circa 820 AD, Amanda was a poor peasant until she learns her ways of stealing food and goods from other people. Due to her thieving ways, Amanda was killed and later reborn as the Immortal. However, the other female Immortal arrives and takes Amanda in and teach her the ways of the Game and immortality.

But Amanda was less interested in the Game and always wanted to survive by fighting with the other Immortals. In the present day, Amanda gains a romantic relationship with Duncan MacLeod. Even though Amanda is still a thief, she resides with Duncan at certain times. In Highlander: The Raven series, Amanda teams up with a pre-Immortal cop named Nick Wolfe to hunt down other Immortals and solve crimes.

Cassandra, the Immortal Witch


Born during the Bronze Age, Cassandra was gifted with remarkable healing skills and was quickly adopted and raised by a nomadic healer. She experienced her first death when the Four Horsemen massacred her and the tribe. After resurrecting, she was taken as a sexual slave by Methos, who perverted the teachings of the Immortals into a lie that she would remain alive only as long as her Master chose and said that he would kill her as many times as it took to tame her.

In time, she becomes compliant and obedient to Methos, but when he hands her over to Kronos, she fights back. Eventually, pretending to be broken by pain, she agrees to please Kronos, but instead stabs him with a dagger and escapes into the desert. Methos watches her leave and does not attempt to capture her.

Cassandra spent the next thousand years refining her healing talent into a new skill: the power of hypnosis and suggestion. She was able to pass this teaching on to the Immortal Roland Kantos, a deed she would later come to regret deeply.

Sometime before the end of the tenth century, Cassandra became aware of a prophecy: a young Highlander born on the winter solstice who passes from darkness into light is destined to challenge the voice of Death. Realizing this would be an Immortal who would be able to defeat her enemy Roland, she travelled to Scotland and built a cottage in the Donan Woods.

For centuries she waited, watching the clans, practicing her craft, and building her reputation as the Witch of Donan Woods. She was aware of Connor MacLeod either through meeting him or from legends the locals told. Later, she met the young Duncan MacLeod whom she claimed that he's the one who can challenge Roland in the future.

Kenny, the Immortal Kid


Kenny was found by Amanda who was revealed to be the youngest Immortal in "The Game." Being killed so young, Kenny was forever living as a child, and thus learns fast while his main weapon is his childlike innocence. After Amanda is captured by the soldiers who have killed him and his family, Kenny runs away and later learns how to survive by killing other Immortals.

Amanda also survives, but she wasn't able to find Kenny in time. 800 years later, Kenny reunites with Amanda. However, he is no longer the boy that Amanda knew those years. He betrays her and Duncan MacLeod to Terrence Kincaid who has a grudge against Duncan. Amanda is heartbroken with the idea that Kenny is not a kid anymore, but more a man in a child's body. She always considered him as a son that she could not have and even forgetting that he is an Immortal who has grown up and only wants to win "The Game."

The Kurgan

 The Kurgan
The Kurgan

The Kurgan was a dangerous and Russian immortal who killed Ramirez in the first Highlander movie. However, Kurgan was killed by Connor MacLeod at the end of the first movie. According to his origins, The Kurgan's first death occurred in 970 BC, when his drunken father crushed his head with a rock. Upon returning to life, the Kurgan proceeded to force his father to swallow a searing hot stone, killing him. He then went off to join a group of bandits that raided the caravans.

He eventually encountered another Immortal named, "The Bedouin", who revealed to him his true nature. "The Bedouin" became the only person who could be labeled as Kurgan's true friend until Kurgan beheaded him while he slept and took his sword as his own. During the intervening centuries, the Kurgan took an incalculable number of Immortal heads.

The Four Horsemen

 Four Horsemen
Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen were a band of marauding Immortals that terrorized two continents during the Bronze Age, murdering, raping and burning everything in their path. Infamous for their cruelty, they seemingly were the inspiration for the Biblical Four Horsemen. They killed the tribe of the witch Cassandra. When Methos took the newly-Immortal Cassandra as his slave and concubine, dissention began to surface between himself and Kronos, and when his brother demanded Methos to take Cassandra as a spoil of war, Methos allowed it knowing that Cassandra would turn against Kronos and escape. He allowed it to happen, striking a rift which would eventually drive the horsemen apart.

In 1997, the Four Horsemen were brought back together. Duncan MacLeod renews an old battle with Kronos, who turns out to be more than MacLeod can handle. At the same time, Cassandra is also searching for Kronos for her own revenge. When Methos is revealed to have been one of the Horsemen, MacLeod tells him their friendship is over. Methos is forced to rejoin with Kronos who has reunited the rest of the Horsemen.

When the Four Horsemen are reunited once again. Cassandra gets kidnapped and becomes their prisoner the second time. As MacLeod makes plans to rescue Cassandra and face Kronos for the last time, Methos tries to learn why his companions have gotten back together after thousands of years while attempting to make his peace with Cassandra who was his pet during her first captivity in the Bronze Age. Kronos reveals his plan that he intends to use an engineered virus to wipe out most of humanity and conquer the survivors as part of an eternal empire.

As a result, the new Immortals can be born without knowing their true existence. Methos eventually betrays his former comrades when he and MacLeod simultaneously battling Kronos and Silas to the death in their own respective fights. The result is a double quickening as MacLeod and Methos wins the day. Afterward, Methos implies that he had set up the entire confrontation with Kronos hoping MacLeod could do what he himself never could to take his Immortal brother's head.

Other Beings


Ahriman is not actually an Immortal but a supernatural demon who was once defeated by an Immortal named Timothy. The demon appeared in three episodes of the Highlander series. Ahriman has the ability to take human forms even though his true was never revealed. Ahriman took the form of the young Immortal, Richie Ryan whom Duncan MacLeod was trying to fight. However, Duncan accidentally killed the real Richie which lead to Duncan blaming himself. Later, Duncan found a way to defeat Ahriman by not showing his fear and fighting against it. According to the historical records, Ahriman is the demon or the Devil version based on the Persian mythology.

The Methuselah Stone

Methuselah Stone
Methuselah Stone

In the Highlander episode called Methuselah's Gift, Amanda steals a precious stone that can turn a mortal into an Immortal. However, this stone was not proven to show it's mystical affects since Methos tried to take it in order to save his dying girlfriend. The stone can also make the Immortal powerful but the theories were not proven to be true. Amanda received a piece of the stone from her mentor and an Immortal named Rebecca.

During Amanda's training days, Rebecca tells her that the pieces of the stone can be brought together so that the stone can make any mortal or Immortal invincible. The stone whose named was based on a biblical figure.


Although the Immortals can never die, they can be killed by cutting off their heads. They do feel pain and yet they can come back to life after dying countless times. There is a possibility that the Immortals' blood can be used to extend the lifespan of the mortals. However, this blood transfusion wasn't tested on humans to prove the fact. Only the mortals have the immortality gene and they can become Immortals after their first death.

Without the immortality gene, there are only regular humans. But there was a mystical object called the Methusaleh's stone that can grant immortality to humans. Methos, the legendary Immortal was using this object to save his girlfriend from dying but failed.

Way of Life

Across the centuries, the Immortals have adapted to certain styles of life. This includes other countries where they are taught by their human teachers or the Immortals do on their own. Once the Immortals gain these life experiences, they use their knowledge and skills and later apply them in the modern era. However, these experiences can be transferred to another Immortal after the beheading occurs. The Quickening allows the Immortal victor to take another Immortal's knowledge and skills that he or she have accomplished in the past years.

The Immortals also have past love lives such as when they are with their wives and girlfriends until they age and die. Due to this cycle of human death, the Immortals find other romantic partnerships throughout the eras and yet the Immortals can't give birth to children. The Immortal heroes, Connor and Duncan MacLeod have been engaged in such past relationships but they either got killed by the other Immortals or they die by natural causes.


 Sword of Clan MacLeod
Sword of Clan MacLeod

The term highlander refers to a person who comes from the Scottish Highlands in Scotland. The Clan MacLeod was mentioned in the movies and TV series. But the spin-off series, Highlander: The Raven doesn't feature the main highlander even though Amanda is not of them. The two highlanders such as Connor and Duncan MacLeod were the only Immortals who were born in Scotland. However, there are other Immortals who also originally came from Scotland.

At first, Connor and Duncan were rumored to be brothers. But Connor was born early before Duncan which doesn't make him a real flesh and blood brother but a member of the Clan MacLeod. In several past eras, Connor and Duncan met and fight along each other. Most of the Clan MacLeod members were born with the Immortality gene. But there are other highlanders who were just born as normal warriors which differentiates them from the Immortals.

Clan MacLeod

The Clan MacLeod were noble warriors of Scotland. According to history books, these Scottish warriors fought against each other since there are different parts of the clan. In the Highlander franchise, there are Scottish warriors who were engaged in battles in the past. However, some of the Clan members were not actually Scottish. Such Clan MacLeod members or Highlanders include:

Connor MacLeod

 Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod

In the first Highlander movie, Connor MacLeod was recently killed by the Kurgan during the battle and later reborn as the Immortal hero. But Connor's people shunned him as an outcast thinking he was the devil.

Duncan MacLeod

 Duncan MacLeod
Duncan MacLeod

In the Highlander series, Duncan MacLeod was fighting along with his father during the battle. While fighting, Duncan was wounded and dies. He was later brought back to life and the other members of the clan shunned him as if he were the devil. Duncan was rejected from the clan who shared the same fate as Connor.

Quentin MacLeod

 Quentin MacLeod
Quentin MacLeod

In Highlander: The Animated Series, Quentin MacLeod was the last clan member of the MacLeods. He was killed by one of the evil Immortal Kortan's right-hand man named Arak. Quentin was later reborn as the Immortal.

Colin MacLeod

 Colin MacLeod
Colin MacLeod

In Highlander: The Search for Vengeance, Colin MacLeod was actually British who was born in Roman Britain. He joined the Macleod's after he fought alongside with them during the previous battle. However, Colin was brutally attacked by the Roman soldiers. Later, Colin became the Immortal.

Owen MacLeod

 Owen MacLeod
Owen MacLeod

In Highlander: The Game, Owen MacLeod is the ancestor of Duncan and Connor MacLeod. In ancient Rome, Owen fought against the other gladiators in vicious battles. During the fight, Qwen gets killed and was later reborn as an Immortal.


Pre-Immortals are the mortals who had not yet become fully Immortal. The other Immortals can sense these mortals who has the immortality gene. Once they die, they can only become the Immortals. But it depends on their age and appearance. If a younger Immortal has not known about his or her eternal nature and later dies, the mortal will stop aging.

However, the older mortals were not truly proven to become Immortals even though they hadn't known their true nature for years. Pre-Immortals are also being watched by other Immortals who knew their potential. For example, Duncan MacLeod knew Richie Ryan was an Immortal before he got killed by a mugger. In Highlander: The Raven series, Amanda knew Nick Wolfe was a Pre-Immortal until she shoots him to death.


Once the mortals become fully immortal, they have to be trained so that they can face other Immortals in battle. But if these untrained Immortals does not have what it takes to become the One, they will be beheaded. An inexperienced Immortal can be taught by an older and wise Immortal. When the time is ready, the trained Immortals will have to face their own teachers in the next gathering.

Most of the Immortals teach themselves the ways of a different society and cultures of other countries. The Immortals can also be taught by the human teachers even though they don't know their true nature. For example, Duncan MacLeod had some teachers throughout his life. These teachers were either human or Immortal.


Duncan's katana
Duncan's katana

Most of the Immortals use a katana for their battles. Usually, there are some Immortals who use different types of weapons to attack their opponents. However, if an Immortal has a sword to fight, the other Immortal may also have to use his or her sword. This weapon of choice wouldn't be considered as a rule but the two Immortal fighters can choose a different weapon rather than a sword. The Immortals also use these swords to easily cut off the heads of the other Immortals.

However, the inexperienced Immortals must learn how to use their swords so that they can fight against the other Immortals. There are different types of sword techniques which the Immortals learned how to develop over the past years. These sword techniques can be taught by human or Immortal teachers. In Highlander: The Series, Duncan MaLeod uses his katana most of the time while fighting his opponents.

Martial Arts

Many of the Immortals have practiced different forms of fighting techniques throughout the centuries. Often times, the Immortals only use their katanas to battle against each other for the beheading. But there are some Immortals who does hand-to-hand combat in several situations.

Duncan MacLeod always perform martial arts combat on his human opponents. He also trains and learned how to fight before facing any possible situation.


There are Immortals who became either doctors, fashion designers, artists, singers and other areas of the career field. These Immortals may not be born with these abilities but they tend to develop these skills as they travel around the world for countless ages. For example, an Immortal doctor can find a cure for cancer and other diseases. An Immortal scientist can develop advanced technology that can help prevent Earth's pollution and destruction in the future.

An Immortal entrepreneur envisions his or her own company and later hires thousands of employees to work. However, there are Immortals who became dangerous criminals and intend to sell drugs and cocaine or create a criminal empire on their own. The Immortal heroes, Connor and Duncan MacLeod became antique dealers where they sell old and ancient artifacts to their customers. In Highlander 2: The Quickening, the aged Connor MacLeod became a scientist and uses his knowledge to shield Earth from the Sun's radiation.


Over the years, the Immortals have developed countless relationships. Especially the MacLeods who had romantic feelings for other women. Once their loved ones have aged and died, the Immortals had to move with their different life. Due to these relationships, the Immortals and humans cannot have children.

When the Immortals have committed their relationship to the loves ones, they had to reveal their true nature.


Throughout the years, the Immortals have used several aliases to hide and protect their true identities. However, there are other Immortals who use their original names rather than changing them. The Watchers knew their secret identities but they wouldn't expose them in public since its all part of the organization's secret.

The Immortals not only can change their names but their age and history background as well. The Immortals also use these secret identities to protect themselves from the Hunters.


Many Immortals have come from different parts of the country and culture. However, these Immortals were born in the ancient times or pre-modern eras. The Immortals have developed their own different ways of fighting techniques. These techniques allow the Immortals to counter-attack their enemies either in the past or present. They also use these techniques to fight against the other Immortals.

Most of the Immortals have originated from Scotland hence the term of the series and movie franchise, Highlander. But there are other Immortals who were not born from the same country as the Immortal Highlanders. The Immortals may also have learned different languages throught the centuries. Since the Immortals have adapted to different cultures in a different country, they tend to blend and join with the mortal society.


Secrecy is a key and important part of the Immortal life. If humans ever found out that the Immortals have existed, the Immortals would have been in great danger. However, the only humans who knows the existence of the Immortals are the Watchers. The Watchers are a group of humans who watches the Immortals in combat and their daily life. But the Watchers were not to intefere with the Immortals before the Immortals have found out the existence of the Watchers organization. Because the Immortals could mean a threat to human society and one of the last Immortals may conquer Earth forever.

The Immortals hide their true existence once they have joined with the human society. But they had to move forward in their lives after a certian event has occured. Sometimes, the Immortals have revealed their true existence to their loved ones such as wives or girlfriends if they were to get together and enjoy happy lives. Once the Immortal's normal life have ended, they make a move to another location in order to preserve their existence. The Immortals also hide themselves from the Hunters who view them as abominations.


In the Highlander franchise, there are evil Immortals whose names starts with the letter K. Such Immortals include the Kurgan, Kronos, Kane, General Katana, Kell and others. The letter K doesn't indicate that they are blood brothers but strong adversaries of the Immortal heroes such as Connor and Duncan MacLeod.


Throughout the Highlander franchise, the Immortals were confirmed to live in such places like United States and Paris, France.


Seacouver, Washington is a fictional city in the Highlander universe. The city of Seacouver appears in the first 5 seasons of Highlander: The Series, and is best known as the home of Duncan MacLeod and several other Immortals, as well as many Watchers. The city's name is a portmanteau for a Seattle-like city though the series. The series was filmed in Vancouver, BC and it became the official city for the show.

Duncan's place of residence was first identified as Seacouver in the pilot episode of the series, in which he owned an antique and sculptures gallery. He sold the place after Tessa Noel's death and moved back and forth to Paris, France, living in a barge located on the Seine river and in an apartment above a martial arts dojo located in Seacouver.


In some seasons of the Highlander TV series, Duncan MacLeod lives in the barge after Tessa's death. There are also other Immortals living in France and try to meet or attack Duncan whenever they can.


 Watcher's emblem
Watcher's emblem

A secret society was formed by mortals who learned about the Immortals in early days. The Watchers have one purpose; to observe and record activities of all known Immortals, and storing the information in closely guarded Chronicles. The Immortals cannot interfere with the actions of any Immortal or the battle between the two Immortals. The Watchers can only identify themselves to each other by a branded emblem on their right wrist.

The Watcher society is broken down into three major levels: Field Watchers, who travel with the Immortals and record their doings, Chroniclers, who store and catalog the information in secret libraries all across the world, and Administrators, who oversee the day-to-day functions of the Watcher Headquarters. There is also a Head Watcher and a Tribunal which renders judgements on alleged violations of the Watcher code.

The Watchers began several thousands of years ago when the organization was created by Ammaletu the Akkadian after he saw Gilgamesh coming back to life.

The Hunters were also the former members of the Watchers society. But they decided to hunt down the Immortals since the Hunters consider the Immortals as abominations and a threat to humanity.

Alternate Realities

In Highlander 2: The Quickening, the Immortals were considered as alien beings who came from their home planet called Zeist. This movie may not be a sequel to the original highlander movie. However, the first movie stated that Connor MacLeod have beheaded Kurgan and became "The One". As a result, Connor became the mortal who can age and die later. But the second movie showed that, Connor was already aged and later became the Immortal again in 2029 A.D.

The second movie would only mean the highlander story takes place in an alternate reality where Immortals are humanoids who came from the planet Zeist. Or the movie could suggest that it takes place in an alternate future where the mainstream continuity of the previous Highlander movies has not taken place.

In the two-part series finale of Highlander: The Series, Duncan was knocked out unconscious and found himself in an alternate reality where he didn't exist. As a result, Amanda never left her thieving ways and Methos swore revenge against the Watchers for killing his loved one named Jillian. Richie was also alive but he was never trained by Duncan due to his non-existence. In this reality, the Immortals were being hunted down by the Hunters who view them as abominations.

Powers and Abilities


Once the Immortals are born, they have the ability to sense other Immortals nearby. This ability is called a "Buzz", which is sort of a sixth sense. However, the Immortals couldn't identify which Immortals they are facing even though they know they are there.

Healing Factor

The Immortals can feel pain whenever they get injured or hit during the battle. Their injuries heal quickly but they cannot regenerate lost body parts. However, if the Immortal can recover his or her body part then they can be healed in an instant.


After the mortals become Immortals, they stop aging and cannot die unless the beheading occurs.

Fighting Techniques

Throughout the centuries, the Immortals have learned several fighting techniques from different countries. They use these techniques to fight other Immortals and mortals who get in their way. Most of the Immortals use swords or katanas during the battle. But the other Immortals have used different weapons to counterattack their enemies.

New Powers

The Immortals can develop other powers through teachings from another Immortal even though they were not born with it. In Highlander: The Final Dimension movie, Kane learned the power to change shapes into any form. An immortal witch named Cassandra has the ability to induce hypnotic suggestions on her opponents. She also taught another Immortal named Roland Cantos to use this hypnotic ability. There are Immortals who can develop other powers but were not confirmed of what they can do.


These novels are based on the Highlander movie and TV franchise which features the main heroes, Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod.



The battle rages across the centuries, from the wind-scoured Sahara to the wild Russian steppes to the rocky crags of Scotland. But there can be only one Immortal who can survive during the Game. Connor MacLeod is the Highlander of Scotland and a clan warrior from the 16th century.

He was taught the deadly arts by an ancient mentor named Ramirez. Years later, Connor MacLeod faces his worst enemy called "The Kurgan", who has tracked him all the way to the streets of New York City.

Highlander: The Element of Fire

Centuries ago, the Immortal pirate Khordas wanted to destroy Duncan MacLeod. In the present day, Khordas intends to lure the Highlander hero into his own traps. However, the pirate intends not to kill Duncan as he plans to destroy each of his friends.

Highlander: Scimitar

Duncan MacLeod has tried to turn his back on the traditions of Immortals. But the strong pull of the Gathering is drawing him back. Then someone sends MacLeod an ancient Arabian scimitar. His friend Joe Dawson, a member of a secret group of mortals called the Watchers, who have observed Immortals throughout history decides to find out why.

When the legendary scimitar falls into the hands of Joe Dawson. Dawson decides to give instructions and pass the scimitar to Duncan MacLeod.

Highlander: Scotland the Brave

Duncan MacLeod is drawn into a conspiracy of Immortals who are on a quest to win back the independence of Scotland's war at Culloden. For her own reasons, the Immortal Annie Devlin has already answered the call of the Scottish clans. But if Duncan follows these Immortals, he will find himself into a web of obsession, madness, and murder.

Highlander: Measure of a Man

In mid-seventeenth-century Venice, Duncan MacLeod tests his wit, honor, and immortality against the machinations of a master manipulator and schemer named Niccolo Machiavelli. One of the ages old race of Immortals, Duncan MacLeod has tried to turn his back on tradition and live his life as a mortal.

But as the time of the Gathering draws near when the few remaining Immortals will fight to the their end, he finds himself being drawn back to battle.

Highlander: The Path

Duncan MacLeod uses his special power to protect the Dalai Lama and save a sacred monastery where he will learn of the unique spiritual path he is meant to take. Duncan also learns that the Dalai Lama is an Immortal who has past experiences of other lives.

Highlander: Zealot

Duncan MacLeod was there when Avram Mordecai fought the enemies of his Jewish people in World War 2, as he has fought for two thousand years. Now Duncan finds himself trapped between his honor and his loyalties when he protects a Palestinian diplomat from his old friend.

Highlander: Shadow of Obession

Duncan MacLeod made a long-time friendship with Darius who once was an Immortal warrior until he changed his ways of killing.

Highlander: The Captive Soul

Duncan MacLeod and the legendary Immortal, Methos notice a sword displayed in a New York City museum. Methos recognizes it from Ancient Egypt when he tried to free the nation from a cruel king. In doing so, Methos was attacked by Khyan. Learning of a series of murders, Methos suspects Khyan has come to claim the sword.

Highlander: White Silence

MacLeod, Hugh Fitzcairn and his young apprentice get trapped in the frozen Yukon. During the trap, they face their deaths over and over again.

Highlander: An Evening at Joe's

An anthology series which is written by the cast and crew of Highlander: The Series. One of the year's most unusual media tie-in events, the cast, crew and writers of a smash-hit TV series turn their creative talents to writing original fiction based on their own show.

These all-new adventures of Duncan MacLeod and the Immortals offer a once-in-a-lifetime look inside the minds of the people who know Highlander best because they created Highlander in the first place.

Highlander: The Complete Watchers Guide

This book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the popular television series through the comments of its writers, actors, producers, directors, designers, and special effects artists. This comprehensive history of the popular Highlander series features exclusive interviews with cast and crew, viewers' top ten shows, trivia about how the series began, and more. The book also has approximately 150 photos.

Other Media




In the first movie, Connor MacLeod learns about his true nature after he was killed during the battle in Scotland. However, his people were terrified that he was still alive and thought that he was possessed by the devil. After being shunned as an outcast, he befriends a beautiful woman. He gets trained by the legendary Immortal, Ramirez who was later killed by Kurgan.

Ramirez taught Connor the aspects of immortality and the rules of the Game. After Connor's wife dies, Connor moves on with his life until the present day where he has to fight against Kurgan.

Highlander 2: The Quickening

Highlander 2
Highlander 2

In this version of Highlander, the Immortals were depicted as aliens from another planet called Zeist. The main villain, General Katana have come to Earth to search for Connor MacLeod who was aged after winning the Prize. Connor became a scientist when and his scientific team cover the whole Earth with an electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field was used to protect Earth from the Sun's radiation. General Katana sends his men to kill Connor and the revived Ramirez.

Highlander 3: The Final Dimension/The Sorceror

Highlander 3
Highlander 3

The third movie is a stand-alone sequel to the first Highlander. Connor MacLeod battles Kane, an Immortal sorceror who hunts down Connor for revenge. Kane kidnaps the adopted son of Connor in order to lure Connor into his illusionary traps. After killing Kane, Connor receives the final Quickening which turns himself into a mortal.

Highlander: Endgame

Highlander 4
Highlander 4

In the fourth movie, Duncan and Connor MacLeod faces their greatest Immortal enemy, Jacob Kell who have come to kill Connor for revenge. In the past, Kell was a priest during the battle with the Scottish warriors. However, Kell was killed by Connor for killing his mother for witchcraft. Kell was later reborn as an Immortal and decides to kill all Immortals in order to make himself stronger.

There can be only Immortal who could stand fighting against Kell and one of the MacLeods must be sacrificed.

Highlander: The Source

Highlander 5
Highlander 5

In the near future, Duncan MacLeod teams up with the other Immortals who are on a quest to search for the source of immortality. However, the Guardian of the Source comes to attack the Immortals from finding it. After reaching the Source, Duncan battles the Guardian and later decided not to kill him.

After becoming the next Guardian of the Source, Duncan learns that his mortal wife conceives a child.

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance

Highlander anime
Highlander anime

Colin MacLeod searches for Marcus Octavius, a Roman general who killed Colin's wife and attacked his village. Throughout the ages, Colin tried to fight off against Marcus but failed several times. In the 22nd century, Colin faces off the Roman general for one final battle.

Highlander: The Adventure Begins

 Highlander: TAB
Highlander: TAB

A full-length animated movie adapted from the "Highlander" animated television series. Quentin MacLeod is a young brave warrior whose destiny is to battle the most powerful and evil Immortal warrior named Kortan. But first, he must learn the lessons that only a wise immortal like Don Vicente Ramirez can teach him.

With the evil Kortan's armies hunting him down, Quentin trains for the day that the ultimate battle will begin.

Highlander: The Reckoning

The possible new highlander movie is being planned as a remake or a reboot of the first Highlander original movie. The original movie starred Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod.

Television Series

Highlander: The Series

Highlander series
Highlander series

The series focuses on the adventures of Duncan MacLeod as he faces other Immortals from his past. Along the way, he makes friends with Joe Dawson, a member of the Watchers and Methos, the legendary Immortal who secrelty joined the Watchers organization. Duncan also trains the younger Immortal, Richie Ryan after he was shot by a mugger.

Highlander: The Raven

Highlander: The Raven
Highlander: The Raven

Amanda, the Immortal thief joins with a cop named Nick Wolfe as they face other Immortals and fight crimes. Near the end of the series, Nick Wolfe gets shot by Amanda and later comes back to life. Nick was angry that Amanda didn't reveal his Immortal nature and later left her.

Highlander: The Animated Series

Highlander: TAS
Highlander: TAS

Quentin MacLeod, the last of the MacLeods must fight a dangerous Immortal named Kortan who conquered the distant-future Earth. The older Immortal, Ramirez teaches Quentin to defeat Kortan.

The Methos Chronicles

 Methos Chronicles
Methos Chronicles

The Methos Chronicles is a 2001 animated internet Flash series based on Methos, the legendary Immortal character drawn from Highlander: The Series. Peter Wingfield was the voice actor for the main character of the short series, which lasted only one eight-episode season.

Video Games

Highlander: The Game

Highlander: The Game
Highlander: The Game

In the game, Owen MacLeod, the ancestor of Duncan and Connor MacLeod used to engage himself in the gladiator games. However, he later dies and comes back to life. Owen meets Methos, the legendary Immortal who trains and teaches him the ways of immortality. Later Owen must fight his own enemy who cannot be defeated. In order to win the battle, Owen searches for a magical stone that can make him powerful enough to defeat his Immortal foe.



The first Highlander game is based on the hit cult movie of the Highlander franchise.

Highlander: Last of the MacLeods

 Last of the MacLeods
Last of the MacLeods

The Last of the MacLeods game is based on the Highlander animated series.

Highlander: The Series Collection

Season One

 Season 1
Season 1

In 1986, the first Highlander film, starring Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod became a cult hit in theaters. In 1992, Highlander: The Series debuted in syndication to tell the Highlander's new tales. The series followed the adventures of a new Highlander named Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), a kinsman of Christopher Lambert's Connor MacLeod from the original movies.

Season Two

 Season 2
Season 2

In Season 2, Duncan MacLeod and his friends uncover a deadly plot against the Immortals in the form of a secret society who recorded the Immortal game over the millennia. A renegade sect now seeks to destroy the Immortals at all costs. As the season progresses, MacLeod and company's lives change forever as a major character dies and revelations are made about another.

Season Three

 Season 3
Season 3

Season 3 delves deeper into the origins of Duncan MacLeod examining his past and the evolution of his character. We learn about his time training in the Orient as well as the time he spent living among the Lakota Sioux. MacLeod also gains a new love interest, surgeon Anne Lindsey, and faces his greatest rival yet, the Immortal opera singer Kalas.

Season Four

 Season 4
Season 4

Season 4 expands the Highlander universe further developing and exploring the backgrounds of the supporting characters such as Joe Dawson, Richie Ryan, Amanda and Methos. In a grand plot twist, the most exciting episodes of the season explore the Highlander world when MacLeod turns evil.

Season Five

 Season 5
Season 5

Season 5 begins with a tale of Duncan's childhood. Through present day events and flashbacks, Duncan faces a new breed of older immortal who possess special powers. Later, Duncan also has to face an evil ancient demon who came to torture him and his friends.

Season Six

 Season 6
Season 6

Duncan MacLeod's long journey comes to an end with this final season of the Highlander TV series. In the final two-part episode, Duncan MacLeod finds himself in an alternate reality where he didn't exist and must save his friends from an old enemy.

Highlander Comics- Trade Paperback Collection

These volumes are comprised of separate issues from the Highlander comic book series.

Highlander Volume 1: The Coldest War

 Volume 1
Volume 1

In the Coldest War, Connor MacLeod and a band of companions race to prevent the legacy of the Kurgan from destroying the present day, while in the past, the same group faces the Kurgan himself as the dreaded immortal works to create a race of Soviet Super-Soldiers.

Highlander Volume 2: The Dark Quickening

 Volume 2
Volume 2

Connor is joined by Duncan as the two MacLeods race to save Connor's very soul from the dark influence of the Kurgan. The story of the volume also features a tale of the two cousins in a past adventure as they help a fellow immortal recover from his own dark quickening.

Highlander Volume 3: Armaggedon

 Volume 3
Volume 3

In the wake of the shocking events and the ultimate fate of Connor MacLeod was revealed in Highlander: Endgame movie. The story of the third volume follows Duncan MacLeod gone and nearly forgotten as he undertakes a deadly mission that involves a doomsday cult and the Watchers.

Highlander: Way of the Sword

 Way of the Sword
Way of the Sword

From the dawn of time the Immortals have existed and moving silently throughout the centuries. Living many secret lives, these Immortals struggled to reach the time of the Gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known the Immortals were among the humans until the present.

The story of this volume spans the ages as Connor Macleod searches for the lost sword of his mentor, Ramirez and more secrets of the Highlander mythos are revealed.


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