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Why don't you own this already?

This was fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Possibly even the best thing Matt Fraction will ever write (I'd say an argument could be made for Iron Man.) and one of Brubaker's best works (Which is saying something since everything he writes is awesome.) Most of the art is done by David Aja which works really, really well here.

Included in this book is all of Fraction/Brubaker/Aja's run. We quickly get started with Danny's company in some fishy HYDRA business. This leads to an interesting development later that I won't spoil. I will tell you while that is going on Danny learns about the other Iron fists, namely Orson Randall, who is the definition of cool. After a few twists and turns and a few of the coolest names ever for Kung-Fu moves we move onto the next story arc... a fighting tournament.... and a revolution. A LOT of things happen in these issues but never does it feel rushed. We meet other immortal weapons (Which is what Iron Fist is) learn to love all of the characters and hope that it never does end and it does. The ending itself could of been better but it works for what it is.

Seriously, buy this book.

(Note: I would've gone it to further detail and expanded this review a lot but I decided to keep the spoilers to a minimum)

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