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    A parody of the X-Men, they were foes of the Teen Titans and Blue Beetle. The Hybrid were humans adapted by a Prometheus process introduced by Mento, a former Doom Patrol member gone mad.

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    The Hybrid was first introduced in the DC Comics published series of The New Teen Titans, the second series in issues #24–25 in 1986. They were created by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Eduardo Barreto, with inks by Romeo Tanghal.


    Henchmen of Mento
    Henchmen of Mento

    Driven insane by the powers of the psychokinetic helmet he invented, Steve Dayton (Mento) plotted to recreate a twisted version of the Doom Patrol. To this end, Mento began gathering mortally wounded victims of engineered, near-fatal accidents from around the world and transforming their bodies with the self-regenerating element Promethium. The results were the Hybrid, a group of individuals driven to commit crimes by Mento's psychic powers. Sirocco, Touch-N-Go, and Prometheus swelled the ranks of the Hybrid, but only Behemoth and Touch-N-Go were loyal to Mento's madness. The rest of the Hybrid resisted his powers at every opportunity.

    The Hybrid members got their powers from Dayton’s experiments with Promethium, a substance which Dayton Industries perfected during the time that Mento was searching for Madame Rouge and General Zahl. Using the Hybrid, Mento went after his step-son Gar Logan, now known as Beast Boy, and Logan's teammates in the Teen Titans. After several clashes with the Titans, the Hybrid broke free of Mento's control, and Mento's mind was cleansed of insanity by Raven.

    Confused by their place and purpose in the world, the Hybrid took Dayton on a journey to discover their new lives. Tragically, many of them returned to villainy. Harpi, Touch-N-Go, and Sirocco joined Circe in an all-out attack on Manhattan, while Gorgon, Prometheus, Pterodon and Behemoth were counted among the "Fallen Players of the House", a fight club run by the villainess Roulette.

    The Hybrid: On Paperback or the Chopping Block?

    Blue Beetle battles the Hybrid
    Blue Beetle battles the Hybrid

    The Hybrid were also slated to get their own ongoing series with Art Nichols on art chores. Harpi of the Hybrid abruptly appeared in New Titans #87 in 1992; in this story, the Harpi longed for freedom from Dayton Estates. This plotline with the Harpi was never written into any of the stories of the ongoing comic publication. The Hybrid did not appear for the remainder of the New Titans series, which was canceled after issue #130. There was a listing and description for a Hybrid ongoing series in DC Comics’ Publishing Plans for the year of 1993.


    Pteradon — Capt. Israel Harel was an Israeli commando who led the rescue of a jumbo jet which had been forcibly landed at a Qurac airport, during which he was shot in the back and dropped into the ocean. Recovered by Dayton's agents and subjected to Promethium, Harel became a human pterodactyl. Possessing claws and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds, Pteradon combined his powers with tactical knowledge.

    Sirocco — Cassandra Sharp was an amateur geologist until she was smothered by a sandstorm in the heart of Death Valley. Barely alive when she was rescued, Promethium transformed her into the "Mistress of the Desert Winds", able to generate both blasts of sand and hurricane-force winds, by which she could fly. Combining her sand-blasts and wind-blasts, Sirocco could cause enormous damage.

    Touch-N-Go — A young street thief living in Chicago, Illinois, Amelinda Lopez was struck by a truck while committing a robbery, and was more dead than alive until she was subjected to Promethium. As far as she was concerned, Mento had saved her life and so, along with Behemoth, Touch-N-Go was one of the two Hybrid members honestly loyal to him. Touch-N-Go was able to temporarily steal the kinetic energy of anyone she touched, thus adding their strength, speed, and skill to her own.

    Behemoth — Born a mutant, Taro Raiden grew to abnormal size and became a Sumo wrestler until he was recruited by agents of Mento. Undergoing Promethium experiments voluntarily, he gained super-strength and denser-than-human skin. He was one of the two members of the Hybrid actually loyal to Mento's schemes.

    Gorgon — Greek archaeologist Andonis Bal and his wife were on an excavation at the base of Mount Olympus when a statue of Medusa they had found came to life and attacked them. Blinded by the attack, Mento's experiments changed Andonis' hair into tresses of snakes, so he was able to see in all directions. These snakes were also capable of firing beams which temporarily turned anyone caught in their path into stone.

    Harpi — The wife of Andonis Bal, Angelika was at the same excavation site, and also mortally wounded by the Medusa statue. Infused with Promethium, she did not respond well to the treatment—her body was constantly wracked with pain, slowly driving her mad. She, like her husband, served Mento solely out of fear. After curing Mento, the Titan Raven used her empathic powers to cure Harpi of her pain. Harpi was able to fly, fire powerful force bolts from her hands, and possessed razor-sharp talons on her fingertips, capable of slashing through brick or steel.


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