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The Hunter's origins are uncertain. He seems to be the personification of the archetype of the ideal hunter, who has been reincarnated through multiple lives as the greatest hunters of legend.


The Hunter was created by Bill Willingham and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #25.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

The Hunter makes a wager with the Gods Above the Gods that he will be able to hunt down at least one pure and noble heart. Growing increasingly desperate as the deadline draws near and he has not yet located such a heart, he begins killing every person he comes across and extracting their hearts, in the hopes that he will coincidentally find at least one pure heart. He attacks the House of Mystery and slays every person there, save Jordan Mayer, whom he challenges to match the hearts with the person they belonged to by taste alone. He is interrupted by the arrival of Lucien, with whom he fights and by whom he is killed. He is brought back to life by Abel, and is about to kill everybody again before Cain points out that Abel's heart is pure. The Hunter takes Abel's heart, quest fulfilled.

Powers and Abilities

The Hunter is a hunter and tracker of unparalleled skill. He possesses great facility with all manner of weapons. He is an archetype, and seems to either be constantly reincarnating, or to be immortal

Weapons and Equipment

The Hunter carries a weapon which is all weapons, and which constantly rotates between being different kind of weapons, from simple bladed weapons to highly advanced firearms. He seems to be able to summon this weapon at will.


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