The Hook

    Character » The Hook appears in 14 issues.

    The manifestation of the urban legend of a man killing a young couple with a hook for an hand, and an agent of Medusa.

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    Major Story Arcs


    When on the on the hunt for the new leader of the Religion of Crime, Kate Kane aka Batwoman tracks down a lead by the name of Rush into a back alley. Fearing for his life, Rush says he won't give up the info Batwoman wants, but she promises to protect him in exchange for the information.

    To Drown the World

    Sometime later, when Kate and her cousin Bette, aka Flamebird experience a falling out, Bette goes out to fight crime on her own, where she encounters a monstrous looking man with a hook for a hand, inspired by the urban legend. The Hook nearly kills Bette, leaving her to bleed out. Finding out about it later, Kate promises revenge for her cousin, and would get it when she infiltrates the Medusa headquarters, where she would fight The Hook herself. Kate manages to rip the physical hook from his arm, and to her surprise, while the hook keeps talking, the man begins to transform back to normal, as she see's Rush, the man she promised to protect, crying out in pain.


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