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Homelander is the leader of the main super hero team, The Seven. His origin is one we've all heard: A young boy falls out of the sky, not a spaceship to his name, but even so...he fell into a prairie. How American. This is what the general consensus is, yet it couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that he is not an alien, rather he is a man that was given extreme amounts of Compound V from the time he was a fetus. His mother was a mentally challenged woman who was killed off as soon as he was born. Black Noir was the first of these experiments, which they did seven times - thus The Seven was born. During the terrorist attack on 9/11, the Seven got involved but only made things worse. While carrying The Seven member Marathon, he flew through a plane which killed his teammate and destroyed the plane. Homelander killed a large number of people on a plane via his sonic scream. In the end, the result was the WTC was unfazed, but the Brooklyn Bridge was vaporized. Homelander often treats people terribly, and because of his powers, he can do whatever he pleases. It is believed that he is the super hero that raped Butcher's wife and got her pregnant resulting in the child causing her death.


The Homelander is a Dynamite Entertainment character created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The Superman styled character first appears in the series and issue The Boys #3 released in 2006. As aforementioned the character was heavily inspired by the Superman character archetype however as to better fit within the Boys universe, Homelander is made decidedly more cruel, violent, aggressive and immoral.

Character Evolution

Considered the most powerful and popular superhero on the planet, Homelander first appeared as a analogue of the DC comics character Superman, however subsequent character development would reveal the characters true personality, that of a megalomaniacal, brutal, selfish braggart.

Major Story Arcs


As a part of the Seven, Homelander attempts to avert the actions of the terrorists, however, along with the Seven, Homelander fails his task disastrously.


Homelander takes part in the Herogasm superhero retrieve.

Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men Conclusion

Homelander leads an army of superheroes on a campaign to conquer the world,ad kills the president, before he's confronted by Billy The Butcher, who blames him for what happened to his wife, Becca, but they both learn that Black Noir is a clone of Homelander, who committed horrible acts and blamed it on Homelander so that he would have an excuse to kill him. (Which is the only reason he exists)

Powers and Abilities

Due to his origins, Homelander is one of the most powerful super heroes on the planet. He has massive amounts of super strength and, as far as it seems, is completely invulnerable. He has heat and x-ray vision, and can fly at incredible speeds. He has a sonic scream strong enough to blow peoples heads off. Like the other members of the Seven, he got his powers due to the fact that Vought-American gave direct high doses of Compound V to different fetuses in the womb.

In Other Media

The Boys

The Boys
The Boys

Homelander appears in the series, portrayed by Anthony Starr. Unlike the comic counterpart, Homelander is responsible for the rape of Becca, resulting in her pregnancy, the birth of a boy named Ryan, and Butcher's hatred for Supes.


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