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    It is said that the High Ones are the last members from a lost and dying world, far away. With advanced mental and spiritual powers, the High Ones cocooned themselves into a cosmic-egg spacecraft. For an aeon, these progenitors of the elves stayed in a trance, while floating through space and probing the celestial bodies for signs of life.

    After the High Ones found "the World of Two moons", they chose to modify their likeness and the likeness of their spacecraft into a form which would embrace the intelligent life on the planet. The cosmic-egg was thus transformed into a Palace. Their previous forms was remarably similar to the Grey Alien race of extraterrestrial species who morphed into elves.

    Upon the arrival of the High Ones to this planet, there were in addition to the High Ones, small gibbon-like trolls and fairylike preservers, who adapted to the planet along with the elves.

    The atmosphere and energetic patterns of the World was thus that the elves that the "sending" range was severely limited. Many of the original High Ones were slaughtered in their first attempt at forging friendly diplomatic relationships with the indigenous human specie.

    The Soul's Repose

    The Palace which originally descended onto the planet becomes a reservoir that all far-flung elves may sense, a proverbial "heaven" in elfQuest. All souls of the elves, upon death enter into communion-legacy with the spirit-family of High Ones that have ever lived.

    The original High Ones included a "Circle of Nine" Gibra, Haken, Yurek, Hassbet, Maalvi, Dreen, Kaslen, Orolin, Aerth.

    Lure of the Palace

    Cutter senses the call of his family and has kept alive the story of the High Ones for the Wolfriders. The Go-Backs have no fear of death, believing that a warrior's place was among legends and in the boding of the High Ones. Thus, there is an intense familial draw from the Palace originally descended that guides Cutter for meeting and uniting with all existent elfclans and finding the Palace. The Gliders believe themselves to be the high ones.

    Mention of the High Ones

    The story of the High Ones is first told by Skywise in ElfQuest #20 . The story of their origins is further expanded in the following issues:


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