Theories on who The Heretic in Leviathan is

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I think, and i'm going to say this as short as i can, that The Heretic is some sort of relation to Damian Wayne. Whether he is a clone of him or is him from the future there is so much evidence that points to an explanation like this. However, this is Grant Morrison writing, so you never know.

What do YOU think?

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It's a clone I believe,I guess we'll find out in like 3 months(likely January,hopefully December though).

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Defiantly a clone. Talia claimed that the clone would be ten years younger than Damian, but she could have accelerated his age to make him a man. Also, Goatboy said that they had "A Frankenstein-monster made from Batman DNA, which is essentially a clone-whoa, whoa, what about the clone of Bruce they had during Final Crisis? That could be so awesome!

Take whichever one you want from what I just said, I had two ideas at the same time :)

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He is Damian Wayne's clone.

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