The Heralds of The Anti-Monitor

    Team » The Heralds of The Anti-Monitor appears in 13 issues.

    Sinestro, Parallax, Superman-Prime and the Cyborg Superman are the Heralds of the Sinestro Corps' sole Guardian: The Anti-Monitor. They are perhaps the most fearsome and most powerful team of supervillains ever assembled.

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    Sinestro, Parallax, Superboy-Prime, and the Cyborg Superman team together under the Anti-Monitor at the beginning of the Sinestro Corps War to lead the Sinestro Corps against the Green Lantern Corps. Most of them don't end up being very loyal to the Anti-Monitor by the end.

    They are joined in their assault on Earth by Ranx, the Sentient City and the Children of the White Lobe as well as the Manhunters and their recently rebuilt Warworld.

    How each team member is recruited:

    • The Anti-Monitor is resurrected at the end of Infinite Crisis
    • Sinestro wants to finally destroy the Green Lantern Corps.
    • Parallax is freed from the Central Power Battery and infects Kyle Rayner.
    • Cyborg Superman joins when the Anti-Monitor promises to kill him after they are victorious.
    • Superboy Prime is released from his Sciencell on Oa.
    • Ranx wanted revenge against the Green Lantern Corps for making him into a slum.

    What happens to each member:

    • The Children of the White Lobe are defeated
    • Ranx is eventually destroyed by Sodam Yat along with the remander of the Children of the White Lobe.
    • Parallax is sealed into four different Power Batteries (Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner) by Ganthet and Sayd.
    • Cyborg Superman is blown up when Warworld is brought down on top of him and he is finally thought to be killed, however a piece of him survives and his Manhunters rebuild him against his wishes.
    • Anti-Monitor is killed by Superboy Prime during his rampage on Earth when he decides to kill him because of his actions during Crisis on Infinite Earths.
    • Superboy Prime is sent into the multiverse when he kills one of the Guardians of the Universe and the released energy creates an explosion that rip open time and space.
    • Sinestro is finally defeated in hand to hand combat by Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner when their power rings run out of energy. He is then arrested and placed into a Sciencell.

    Later Events:

    • Parallax is released from his prison, during Blackest Night, in order to rejoin with Hal Jordan in order to fight Black Lantern Spectre. After the Spectre ha returned to normal, he separates the two and Parallax is mysteriously taken away by a mysterious force. It is later discovered that Krona has been collecting all the Corps entities in order to control the Emotional Spectrum. Krona inserts Parallax back into the Green Lantern Central Power Battery and the presence of the Yellow Impurity causes all Green Lanterns to lose their free will and fight each other.
    • Sinestro is sentenced to death by the Guardians, but before it can be carried out he is abducted by the Red Lantern Corps. The Sinestro Corps eventually rescue him and he is forced to work with the Green Lanterns when the Black Lanterns attack. Sinestro merges with the White Entity and becomes the White Lantern for a time. After Mogo, the moral compass for the Power Rings, is killed, Sinestro becomes a Green Lantern and the Guardians allow him to keep it for the time being.
    • Cyborg Superman is rebuilt by his Manhunters and eventually returns as the person who has been altering the Alpha Lanterns. He has been forcing Green Lanterns to be converted to Alpha Lanterns so he can control them as machines. He leads them in an attack on the Green Lantern Corps as a way to get Ganthet to reengineer the Alpha Lanterns back into living beings so he can use the process on his own body and finally become mortal and able to die. The conflict ends in him seemingly being killed, however he later resurfaces during the Reign of Doomsday event.
    • Anti-Monitor dies from Superboy Prime's attack and his body ends up landing on Ryut, where he is resurrected by Nekron and placed into the Black Lantern Battery as a power source. The White Entity eventually brings him back to life in order to destroy the Black Lantern Battery and Nekron banishes him back to the Anti-Matter universe. In the Anti-Matter universe he runs across Deadman and Firestorm during the events of Brightest Day. He has taken control over the returned Black Lantern entities in order to steal the White Lantern Battery for his own use. Firestorm stops him and takes it back to the positive matter universe.
    • Superboy Prime is sent through the multiverse, where the large amount of energy he was exposed to, aged his body into that of a man's. As Superman Prime he destroyed several universes of the multiverse looking for Earth Prime. He eventually ends up in a confrontation with Monarch and the two annihilate an entire universe, sending Superboy Prime adrift through space and time. He is eventually plucked out of time by the Time Trapper and brought to the 31st century to battle the Legion of Super-Heroes. It is discovered that the time Trapper is an older version of Superboy Prime and he attacks his older self, transporting him to Earth Prime. During Blackest Night several Black Lanterns travel through the multiverse and attack him on his Earth. He also ends up back on New Earth where he fights the Teen Titans. He is finally defeated and Superboy sticks him in the Source Wall where he can finally be contained.

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