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A new masked criminal group calling themselves the Drop-Outs appear on the scene. They rob people’s houses during events, and one of their targets is the Hall house. Hank Hall immediately transforms into Hawk, and pushes his brother Don to transform into Dove. However, following the events of Showcase #75, Don has given up the Dove identity.

Hawk arrives solo on the scene, and takes on the Drop-Outs. However, he is severely outnumbered, and can’t get the upper hand on the hoodlums. He does stall them long enough for the police to arrive, and both the Drop-Outs and Hawk quickly leave the scene; Hawk in much worse shape. Hank berates his brother for not helping, but Don stands by his principles. Judge Hall reiterates that Hawk is a vigilante, and is not wanted.

The Drop-Out’s next target is the university art gallery, where Don Hall is in attendance. The Drop-Outs get in and out, and Don does not lift a hand to stop them. Hank is again upset. Over the next few days, the Drop-Outs continue their spree, Hank continues to hunt for them as Hawk, and Judge Hall continues his hard line against both the Drop-Outs and Hawk.

Don hits upon a key piece of information when he realizes one of the witnesses from the Hall robbery must know the gang. When Don at home begins transforming into Dove, he knows that his brother is in danger. He heads to where the witness hangs out, and finds his brother Hawk being beaten by the Drop-Outs. Dove comes flying in, and awkwardly saves his brother. Dove fights the goons by using their strength against them, while Hawk fights them with his fists.

Hawk and Dove defeat the Drop-Outs, and return home. Once there, they spend their night bickering on the best way to handle threats in the future: through compassion or through strength.







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