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    A Solid Twist

    So without going too into detail, this book caught me by surprise. I don't wanna ruin the feeling of going into this book with no idea what to expect, so i wont detail anything story-wise.


    If you read the las issue, you know the ending was kinda confusing. This issue picks up right at that ending and gives us answers.


    First off, this book is really well written. In fact i applaud its theme of horror being portrayed perfectly. This is a very dark book but it isn't too gloomy. It's really riveting reading it. It reads almost like a Stephen King novel honestly. The art accompanies the tone very well, however sometimes it is slightly unclear what just happened. The dialogue is literally fantastic, with lines accompanying characters perfectly.

    The best part to me however was the ending, which, without spoiling any details, sets up what is to come perfectly.


    Ok, straight up the back of this comic says "rated: TEEN+" but its definitely not. At least not according to Marvel or DC's definition of TEEN+. This book is way dark and kinda exists in this weird limbo between a standard mature comic and a MAX comic. Dunno, i just think the rating is a bit misleading.

    Other than that, the book is really short again. It may be due to the fact that Dark Circle prints all their ads at the end of the book (which is glorious) and the fact that each book comes with a small (and pretty interesting) article about writing horror, but i can't shake the fact that it just feels like its too short for the wait.


    The Hangman is, for the most part, living up to the hype. I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Definitely recommended!

    9.5/10 on my scale.

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