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Spoiled: The Guild: Bladezz One-shot (comic book), The Guild (web program), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (movie)
Remember on The Guild when it was revealed, much to his embarrassment, that Bladezz has done a great deal of modeling work for cash? Well, this is basically the origin story of Bladezz and his modeling gig. When his mother begins dating a photographer, Bladezz is forced to get a job modeling. Struck with the embarrassment of being a model, but also the feeling that his recently divorced mother is moving too quickly into another serious relationship, Bladezz seeks out friends on-line. The only one to answer the call is Vork, who, reeling from the loss of his grandfather, profoundly proclaims, "In the face of a very unpleasant experience, sometimes you have to become someone else to move forward." While this could describe Batman and a great deal of other superheroes, it is meant to describe Bladezz's transformation into Finn Smulders, a diva model who ruins the career and love life of the photographer who was dating his mother. 
The back-story of the divorce of Bladezz's parents is dealt with artfully, in much the same way the break-up is handled in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In that film, the sadness of a difficult break-up is undercut by the farce of Jason Segel crying while naked. In this one-shot, we see the tale of divorce and family re-structuring undercut by the farce of Bladezz's modeling career and apparent aptitude for finding the right pose. There's some really good emotion hidden in here, and this issue was much better of a read than I was expecting. Bladezz's mother is depicted as incredibly attractive, and I'm sure I'm not alone here in hoping that she might be a recurring character in the next season of The Guild
On the down side, it is pretty difficult to get past the quality of the art, and unfortunately, while the story did end up being pretty solid, we're not talking Neil Gaiman quality writing, the kind that could justify crappy art. I was also kind of disappointed with the weird gimmick they introduced in which Bladezz apparently goes catatonic when he's in front of a camera and essentially poses in his sleep. For one thing, it just doesn't make sense. For another, it just seems like a cheap way to maintain his cool in spite of the fact that he's embarrassed at being a model. It's a comic book, so we are used to suspending our disbelief, but honestly, this kind of seemed like laziness on behalf of the writer. 
The Guild one-shots are hit or miss, but in the end they are just place-holders until the next season of The Guild airs. Last thing I heard was that the next season is already filming. Here's to hoping it airs soon. The other down side of The Guild comic book is that you don't get to see a live-action Felicia Day. So, bring back The Guild already. We're getting restless.

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