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    Sad (and Glad) to be Human

    This is probably one of the most intelligents, fun, counter culture, interesting and nerdish book that I´ve ever read!
    I´m not familiar with Felicia Day´s writing, or the Guild, just know from reading in websites that it´s famous and have good acceptance in the public, mostly teenagers. The thing that lured me into this one shot was Darick Robertson: since he´s away of the Boys lately, the minute I saw the release of this comic book I had to buy it and I was rewarded for looking into something out of the box (Marvel and DC). This issue is about Vork, a user in the Guild game (it´s a RPG live action in the internet) that has no personal life other than taking care of this old grandpa who´s living life crazy (smoking, drinking, reading porn, eating junk food). And how I laughed reading Grandpa´s dialogues, he´s awesome, he´s my hero!!! And Vork´s inabilities to interact in real life just gets harder when he´s banished from the Guild and his Grandpa chooses to go to a retirement, all because of Vork´s controling issues. The writing is cutting edge, sarcastic, very acid, and the art is beautiful (both Robertson and Stewart). This is a must have issue: forget that´s about a geek in a game´s world, lose all the judgements that you may have formed regarding this book, because it will pay off, I assure you! ?Highly recommended!!
    5 out 5

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