The Gryph

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    A con artist friend of Zayne Carrick during the Knights of the Old Republic era.

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    Gryph was a trouble maker at a very early age and had himself auctioned from his school, and had been home-tutored, but even then, he had caused trouble for his tutor as well. His parents fed up by his shenanigans, sent him off-world. He was then thrust into the world of criminal activity, working for notorious criminals such as Davik Kang on Taris. On Taris, he had a successful criminal operation, where he would pull of a scam and explained that fleek eel would become very rare and conned citizens on Taris to put their investments into buying fleek eel. Later on, he would meet an important character called Camper, who would help him. Gryph asked Camper to help Zovius Mendu, who was on the run from Master Feln. Camper helped Mendu escape, though Gryph refused to pay Camper, which would have consequences later on.


    Gryph was created by John Jackson Miller for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

    Major Story Arcs


    Zayne Carrick and Gryph met when Constable Noana Sowrs had asked the Jedi for help in catching Gryph. Gryph had escaped Zayne many times. However, there was one arrest which would bring Gryph and Zayne together on a runaway adventure from the Jedi Masters. Gryph was selling some droids, and he then noticed credits on the ground. As he went to pick them up, Zayne grabbed hold of him. Gryph threw the purse into the crowd to cause confusion and hoping to escape, but Zayne used his Jedi Powers to stop him. Zayne was late for a knighting ceremony that night, so he chained Gryph to his speeder outside the Jedi Tower. After some time, Zayne came running out with Jedi Masters with no choice but Gryph in tow with him. The both of them escape to the Lower City of Taris, where Zayne explains that the Jedi Masters killed the Padawans, not him. Gryph believes him for the time being, and he finds a wanted poster for the both of them. Gryph is angered, but not because he is wanted, but rather is seen as an accomplice rather than being the actual mastermind behind the crime.

    The both of them decided that they needed to escape and told Zayne that they needed to get to the Undercity to contact someone called Camper. As they made their way to the Undercity, a young woman named Jarael had stopped them and told them to leave immediately, thanks to the bounty on their heads. Also, it seems as if Zayne's actions had ruined honest Lower City business owners. Camper then appeared, but he too was angry towards Gryph because of the lack of payment for the last flee-job. Gryph and Zayne were about to leave when they noticed Constable Sowrs and the four Jedi Masters who were after them. The both of them ran to Camper who later allowed them to come onboard their ship, The Last Resort and make it into orbit and eventually escape their followers. They had ended up in an orbital field of debris and had stayed there for some time to accomplish repairs. During that time, Zayne called Master Vandar Tokare and tell him what had happened, though Tokare had his suspicions. Jarael told him to stop the call, as the police could easily track them, but Zayne explained that he needed to know what happened and they made their next destination for Taris' Rogue Moon.

    On the moon, Zayne found a droid called T1-LB that would explain everything, though the Lucien Draay and Constable Sowrs and her force arrive and go after Zayne. Camper destroyed their ship with some blasting from his own ship. With Camper's mechanical skills, he was able to access T1-LB's memory core and reveal to Zayne that the Jedi Masters had planned this all along. Caught by surprise, they were then caught by the pirate ship called the Oroko. The captain of the ship was a bounty hunter called Valius Ying. As they were captured, Gryph negotiated their freedom and they were allowed to go, except Zayne, as he was too precious to let go of, and Gryph was forced to abandon him. Gryph had felt guilty about abandoning Gryph, so they had planned a plan to help him escape. They made their way to the Jedi Tower, and Jarael dressed up in red armor, which is what the Jedi Masters envisioned where a Padawan in red armor would kill all the Jedi Masters. Jarael had managed to fight off the Jedi Masters, and Camper and Gryph had flown overhead and grabbed Zayne onto their ship. After that, they all celebrated and Gryph decided to team up with him for good. Zayne wanted a Jedi Master to confess what had really gone down that day.


    Money was becoming an issue, and without money, they would not have any supplies and food. Jarael, dressed as the Jedi Master Q'Anilia warned the people that the Mandalorians were about the attack. The people didn't believe it, though at that time, the Mandalorians did actually attack and allowed Zayne to grab as many supplies as possible. When the Mandalorians touched down, Gryph, Zayne and Camper were able to hide, but Jarael was captured because of her Jedi costume. They got onto the Last Resort but found it was hi-jacked by the Mandalorian called Rohlan Dyre. The group were able to overpower Rohlan and hold him prisoner. They questioned him, and Rohlan explained that Jarael was be taken to a Mandalorian base called Flashpoint Stellar Research Station, where the Mandalorian Demagol was leader. Zayne thought up a plan and had pretended to be Rohlan's prisoner. Rohlan had killed Demagol and Zayne dressed up in Demagol's armor. Outside, Gryph and T1-LB were throwing down mines and Zayne used his Force powers to plant them onto the establishment. Gryph, dressed a Republic Admiral bluffed and told the Mandalorians to retreat immediately, unless they wished to be killed captured by the Republic, and to enforce that, he added that they had planted explosions. Gryph ordered a detonation of the mines, and the Mandalorians retreated which allowed Zayne, Rohlan to free Jarael and escape from the planet.

    The New Gryph

    After the Mandalorians, they still needed money, and Gryph told them about his frozen accounts which would be enough to buy them supplies. However, thanks to the Padawan Massacre, they needed to unfreeze his accounts. Due to Gryph being an outlaw, Camper and Jarael, disguised, went to unfreeze the accounts. At the bank, the accountant asked Camper the 30 digit number code. Gryph could not remember them and called the whole thing off, though Camper had said a random string of numbers which was actually the correct code. While the bank teller, who was Zayne's father but was not known to be at the time was leading Camper and Jarael to the reserves, they were ambushed by the Moomo Brothers who were bounty hunters. The Moomo Brothers had captured Zayne's father and Zayne and Gryph thought they could save the banker, but were too late. That is when Zayne learned that the bank teller was his father. As a plan, Gryph would strike a deal with Dob Moomo and ordered Dob drinks until he was too drunk to realize what was happening. That allowed Zayne to climb aboard the Moomo's ship and rescue his father. At the Last Resort, Zayne's father was able to retrieve the credits. Gryph then decided that he would profit from the war as much as possible. To do so, he would need a ship, so he hired a common thief called Slyssk. Slyssk successfully stole the ship, though he wanted a higher rate of payment than the default. Gryph didn't want to pay that much, so he asked Zayne to create a situation which would endanger Slyssk, which would allow Gryph to save him. Slyssk then owed him a life debt, and so the three got onto the ship, but realised it was a restaurant-ship and was apart of a Republic fleet. Gryph decided that he would use this restaurant to make money as it was very successful. Zayne objected to this, and said that he wanted to clear his name, not amplify it. Zayne then had a vision. In his vision, Mandalorians would attack the planet they were on, Serroco, and that they would have to leave quickly. However, Gryph decided that they would stay open for a little longer, to maximize profits. When the Mandalorians actually attacked, the Republic soldiers bought anything that Gryph had left over for rations. Meanwhile, Zayne had left Gryph to meet up with Saul Karath. Just as their restaurant was about to lift off, something had hit their ship and sent the refugees underground, safe from the Mandalorians.

    Fortunately, Gryph survived and ended up on Taris again. He was hired by Senator Jervo Thalien to find Senator Gorravus who had disappeared because Thalien had wanted to find Gorravus, in order to keep him safe and to drop the bounties. Gryph then teamed up with Moomo Brothers to find Gorravus, and they joined the Hidden Beks, hoping to get into the resistance in which Gorravus was rumoured to be leading. But the Hidden Beks were in fact not with the resistance group as Constable Sowrs' children were missing and she blamed it on the Beks. They would need something or someone to allow the resistance understand the Hidden Beks and how they wanted to fight against the Mandalorians too, so Thalien ordered Slyssk and Dob Moomo to look for Zayne. Days later, they found Zayne. Mission Vao had come up to Zayne and told him to follow her as she had something to show him. It turned out be Constable Sowrs' missing children. Gadon Thek, the leader of the Beks decided that they could use the children to negotiate a deal with the Taris forces, hoping they could join together to fight off the Mandalorians. The Beks, Gryph and Zayne decided to make their way to the resistance base and was confronted by Shel Jevalan. With her, was the Jedi Master Raana Tey, who was manipulating her into thinking Zayne had turned to the dark side. Del Moomo was angered by the fact that Ranna Tey was manipulating Shel to kill Zayne, his bounty, so he tackled Tey and Gryph pushed Shel away from the unconscious Zayne. With all this commotion, Gorravus revealed himself and calmed everyone down. Through a communicator, Thalien revealed to Del Moomo to kill Gorravus, as he was becoming too much of a liability. Tey tackled Del and stopped the killing of Gorravus, so Thalien activated the back-up plan which activate a bomb in the communicator, though that failed as well. Shel then accused Gryph of killing her brother as well, though Gorravus calmed everyone down again and turned everyone's attention to driving the Mandalorians off of Taris. They also planned to get rid of Cassus Fett, who was in the Jedi Tower. Zayne volunteered to study the Jedi Tower, so they could plan his overthrow.

    The Jedi Tower

    Some of the resistance made their way to the Jedi Tower to look for Cassus Fett, but it turned out that Fett had already gone to the resistance base to attack. The rest made their way back to defend their base, though Gryph wanted to go after Zayne, as he was still in the tower. Gadon Thek flew him up there where a fight between Raana Tey and Zayne was happening. Zayne was wounded, and Gadon lowered a cable that would allow Shel and Zayne to be hauled away. Zayne saw that Raana was injured, and her was stuck under a piece of debris. Gryph however had mistaken Raana's intentions, thinking that she wanted to kill him while she still could and detonated explosions at the Tower's base which killed Raana.


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