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Superstar writer Grant Morrison (Batman, All-Star Superman) returns to DC alongside red-hot artist Liam Sharp (The Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman) to launch a new, ongoing series: THE GREEN LANTERN!

In this debut issue, when Earth’s space cop, Hal Jordan, encounters an alien hiding in plain sight, it sets off a chain of events that rocks the Green Lantern Corps—and quite possibly the Multiverse at large—to its very core. There’s an inter-galactic conspiracy afoot, as well as a traitor in the GL Corps’ ranks, so strap in for more mind-bending adventures in this masterpiece in the making.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverLiam Sharp & Steve Oliff1
VarVariant CoverFrank Quitely2
VarBlank Variant CoverNone3
VarMidnight Release Variant CoverLiam Sharp4
RELocal Comic Shop Day Exclusive Variant CoverLiam Sharp & Steve Oliff5 Exclusive Trade Dress Variant Cover, Limited to 1,500Rodolfo MigliariMissing Exclusive B&W Minimal Trade Dress Variant Cover, Limited to 800Rodolfo MigliariMissing Exclusive Virgin Variant Cover, Limited to 500Rodolfo MigliariMissing
REEpic Comics Exclusive Trade Dress Variant Cover, Limited to 3,000Jim CheungMissing
REEpic Comics Exclusive B&W Variant Cover, Limited to 1,500Jim CheungMissing
REEpic Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant Cover, Limited to 1,000Jim CheungMissing
REFrankie's Comics Exclusive Trade Dress Variant, Limited to 3,000Francesco MattinaMissing
REFrankie's Comics Exclusive Minimal Trade Dress Variant, Limited to 600Francesco MattinaMissing

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