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My Reaction: Stunned

  Today, at about 12:20pm, I went to my local mall to see the first showing of the GREEN HORNET with my friend and fellow CV User, Loki a.k.a. DemonicBlade. After nearly two hours of slapstick humor and insane special effects, I have developed mixed feelings about this long awaited film. There were moments were I laughed and then their were moments where I thought it was pointless. I kinda like the fact that there were many references from the Hornet's past, mostly from the fabled 1960's TV Show, but the flim lacked drama and of course....CENTERY CITY (Not LOS ANGELES). Now I wish that Kevin Smith's Green Hornet was an actual movie (but nothing is wrong with comic book adaption). If there was another chance for a reboot for among many lame/failed superheroe films, The Green Hornet would be on the top of the list...along with Will Eisner's The Spirit.

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This movie has been getting some extremely mixed reviews. I believe I'll probably feel much the same as you do after I see this. I'm sure there are plenty of funny moments, I just wish they went a little less "buddy cop" with it though. In a perfect world we might have seen a Green Hornet movie like Matt Wagner's Year One storyline.

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    This "superhero" movie had so much potential on being really good, they had a good Kato and the Black Beauty was pretty awesome but sadly they also had Seth Rogen being Seth Rogen in a Green Hornet costume. I couldn't believe they had a chance to make a Green Hornet movie but end up filling it with a lame plot, awkward/unfunny jokes. It spoofs superhero movies but why not just make a spoof movie then drag the Green Hornet name through the dirt. I only can hope that they remake this trash into so...

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    This is another movie that received a fairly poor rating so I was pleasantly surprised when I actually bothered to see it on DVD. I'm only vaguely familiar with the Green Hornet, mainly because of Bruce Lee but I found myself actually liking it. It's not like traditional superhero films.Seth Rogen (Green Hornet) comes off as vaguely directionless and somewhat obnoxious slacker who only works hard at partying. The sudden death of his father has left him in charge of a newspaper company he has no ...

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