The Green Hornet

    Movie » The Green Hornet released on January 14, 2011.

    Britt Reid, suave newspaper publisher by day...crime fighter by night. Equipped with an awesome ride (The Black Beauty) and his skilled partner Kato, he will begin to ride the streets as The Green Hornet!

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    The Black Beauty
    The Black Beauty

    After his father dies under suspicious circumstances, Britt Reid, a partier and drunk, is forced to take up the family Media outlet. He finally finds his true calling when making a friend with his father's star employee, Kato, and the two become the hero the green hornet (and kato) to combat the evil which had killed his father. This dynamic duo disguise themselves as criminals to get close to the kingpin of the town: Benjamin Chudnofsky. They are also helped by Britt's resourceful secretary, Lenore Case, to find out more about this notorious criminal. Hold on to your hat, forget about tights or what button is the window for this wild ride of adventure, comedy and the discovering of ones inner self.


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    Green Hornet Movie Lacks Sting 0

    Based off the classic radio drama, 60s TV show, and 70 years of comic book iterations, the Green Hornet movie looks to bring this classic character to a new generation of fans. Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is living a life of debauchery at his father’s expense, a well-respected newsman and owner of the Sentinel newspaper, when his father’s unlikely demise leaves Britt as the sole inheritor of the family fortune and newspaper legacy. Having wasted most of his life, Britt relies on the people around hi...

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    The Kato Show (How did I manage to get this title writing 8th?) 0

    With all the mixed reviews on this movie that us as a community has written I have decided to add my 2 cents.  The short review is that this is a fun movie.  Don't expect your life to change after it, its the Green Hornet.  Go in expecting a fun ride and you'll be happy.  Go in expecting Inception, then that is just expecting Twilight being Stephen King.  *The longer part to the review* I'll be honest with you, I was thinking this movie was going to be bad.  It was actually very enjoyable. There...

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Green Hornet Movie Review 0

           So I'm no Green Hornet expert. Just putting that out there. I mean, I never even knew that Bruce Lee did any of the TV shows. Heck, I didn't know there had ever been any comics or serials or anything of the character. A few months ago though, something changed. My grandma sent me a copy of Green Hornet Year One for halloween (I guess she figured I hadn't read it?). So I read it, and the concept worked for me. Maybe it was the simpler era, maybe it was the simpler world, but something abou...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

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