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I'm relatively new to comics and graphic novels, so I may have misunderstood something, but I've noticed that all the listings for 'Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Vol. 2: Wearing o' the Green' show it as a hardcover, and there is no mention of a paperback version. Does anyone know if Dynamite's going to release a paperback version of it, like they did with Vol. 1: Sins of the Father? I know it's a pretty minor thing, but I'm just wondering...
p.s. I'm not sure where queries regarding upcoming releases of comics are supposed to go. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section.

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@Adnan: Well lately it seem's like the comic industry as a whole are shifting towards hard backs, you may want to just go ahead and get that, cause i've seen softcovers come out like almost a year after the hardcover was in stores. If you can wait to have it then do and buy when it's eventually in tpb, if you can't splurge and get the hardcover.

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