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    Green Hornet, with his sidekick Kato, use martial arts as well different weapons like gas guns to fight crime, riding in their car the "Black Beauty."

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    Media History

    The Green Hornet Radio

    Green Hornet Audio
    Green Hornet Audio

    started as a radio broadcast show in the in late 1930's and lasted through the early 50's. It started it's run on WXYZ in Detroit, the Mutual Network, and NBC Blue. The series was created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, who also worked on the Lone Ranger. The Green Hornet was voiced by Al Hodge, Donovan Faust, Robert Hall, and Jack McCarthy in that order. The theme song was "Flight of the Bumblebee," with added noises in the background.

    The Green Hornet was really Britt Reid who was a newspaper salesman. He was considered a large villain, with his Dark Knight like tactics of getting information. He always had his body guard, Kato, with him. He was described as a Japanese martial artist, but later was changed to a Filipino. This was said to be because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but this is true or not. Britt was also a relative of the Lone Ranger, as he was the Ranger's grand nephew.

    Green Hornet Movie Serials

    The Green Hornet Strikes Again
    The Green Hornet Strikes Again

    The 1940's movie serials were produced by Universal Pictures. In 1940, "The Green Hornet" was introduced. The Green Hornet was played by Gordon Jones, and when he donned his mask, Al Hodge's voice was dubbed over his lines. "The Green Hornet Strikes Again" was released in 1941, with Warren Hull now playing the role of The Green Hornet. Keye Luke played the role of Kato in each film, but his nationality was changed to Korean because of the war.

    Television Series

    In 1966, after the huge success of the Batman television series, ABC introduced The Green Hornet to America. The famed Van Williams played the role of The Green Hornet, while Kato was played by martial arts expert Bruce Lee.

    The Green Hornet was usually straight forward and serious as compared to the Batman show. The Hornet and Kato even appeared alongside Adam West and Burt Ward in an episode of the Batman. Batman and The Green Hornet did not get along and they often fought. They drove the Black Beauty, a customized 1965 Chrysler Imperial. The series was later cancelled after only one season. Lee went on to become a very famous actor afterward.


    In Hong Kong movie Qing feng xia (1994) starring Kar Lok Chin play Green Hornet, the hero of the movie is a mix of the Green Hornet and Kato.

    The New Film
    The New Film

    In January 2011 a new Green Hornet movie came out, staring Seth Rogen as GH and adding a humor element to the movie. Britt Reid was a part playboy until the murder of his father left with the media business a young friend of his father's named Kato shows up at Britt's house and talks to him about the man Britt's father was and Britt feels he needs to do some good for once so he dons the name The Green Hornet.

    Green Hornet Comics

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    The comic storyline is similar to that of the radio and television series, and has had many different runs over the years. The Green Hornet rights have changed many times from company to company. The most noted version is of "The Green Hornet" by Harvey Comics. The title of the comic was changed many times, but the characters mostly stay the same.

    Britt Reid - The Green Hornet I

    Britt Reid is the son of a wealthy newspaper editor Daniel Reid, publisher of Chicago's newspaper "The Sentinel"; Britt is also the descendant of the wild west hero known as the Lone Ranger. Reid excelled in athletics and academics in school. Before following in his father's footsteps, Reid decided to travel the world and do some good. His travels showed him the horrible truths of the world.

    After barely escaping Africa with his life for speaking out against ruling warlords, Britt found himself in China. He was trapped here by the invasion of the Imperial Japanese Army. It was here that he saved a man's life from the Japanese. This man was Kato and he offered himself to Britt as a servant and protector for saving his life. The men became good friends and they returned to America.

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    When he returned to Chicago, Britt became The Green Hornet in his fight against the city's organized crime while working as The Sentinel's editor. Britt and Kato worked for five years together fighting crime. After taking all of the crime families of Chicago down, Britt finally hung up the mask to spend more time with his wife Janet and son, Britt Jr.

    Continuing as editor for the Sentinel well into his old age, Britt was betrayed by his one time ally and friend Frank Scanlon. In order to ensure his re-election as mayor, Frank betrayed Britt's identity to his old enemy Oni Juuma. With this information, Oni's son Hirohito (disguised as the Black Hornet) killed Britt at the campaign party Britt was throwing for his friend.

    Now Comics

    A Family
    A Family

    Britt Reid I

    In Now Comics Brit Reid was the first Green Hornet. He fought crime all the way though World War II and for a time afterwords. He eventually retired and married his secretary. Ruth Hopkins. They had one daughter Diana Reid who became District Attorney. He also had two nephews one was named after him Britt Reid. He was the son of Britt's older brother Jack Reid.

    Britt Reid II

    The nephew of the original Britt Reid found out about his identity when his uncle, father and brother went to visit the grave marker of their ancestor who was suppose to be the Lone Ranger, Dan Reid Sr. As a child the young Britt was fascinated by his uncle tales but as an adult he had little interest in becoming the Green Hornet.

    That all changed in 1968 when two of his friends were assassinated. One was a senator who was running for President the other was a Civil Rights activist. It was after these assassinations that Britt gave in and became the second Green Hornet.

    Alan Reid

    No Caption Provided

    Just like the second Green Hornet Alan inheriting the identity of the Green Hornet from his Uncle Britt. This would be the second Uncle who became the Green Hornet in 1968. Alan Reid was killed by an explosion on his first case in 1986.

    Paul Reid - The Green Hornet

    Following the death of his elder brother, Alan, while fighting crime as the Green Hornet, Paul Reid reluctantly took over as the new Green Hornet in 1989.

    Initially he worked alongside Mishi Kato, but when she left, he partnered up with his uncle and brother's former partner, Hayashi Kato, and later with Hayashi and Mishi's nephew Kono.

    Gordon Reid - The Green Hornet

    Gordon Reid was the Green Hornet at an unspecified point during the 21st century, following on from his father, Paul Reid. In a scene featuring a holographic family album, it is indicated that Mishi Kato is Gordon's mother, which would make her the grandmother of Clayton Reid.

    Clayton 'Clay' Reid - The Green Hornet

    After the his father died when he was a child, Clay Reid grew up to inherit the family mantle of the Green Hornet in the late 21st century, but unlike his predecessors who merely posed as criminals to assist their fight against crime, Clay became a genuine crook, until his cousin Luke Kato convinced him to return to the path of justice.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Britt Reid Jr. - The Green Hornet II

    Britt Reid Jr.
    Britt Reid Jr.

    Britt Reid Jr. grows to be very intelligent and athletic, much like his father. But after his mother's death, their relationship grows strained. A rebellious and confused youth, he doesn't have as much interest in the family newspaper as his father did.

    After his father's murder by the Black Hornet, Britt Reid Jr. tries to seek out the Green Hornet, not knowing his father's secret. He manages to find Kato in a bar who reveals their old lair and the heritage that now belongs to Reid.

    At first, Britt does not wish to follow in his father's footsteps, leaving Kato and his daughter Mulan to carry out a contingency plan in order to protect Britt from his father's enemies. Before fleeing to a safe spot, Britt decides to live up to his father's achievements and dons the Green Hornet mantle for the first time.

    Mulan Kato - Green Hornet III

    Mulan Kato as The Green Hornet
    Mulan Kato as The Green Hornet

    Mulan Kato briefly assumes the mantle of the Green Hornet in Britt Jr.'s absence. She is the first female incarnation of the Green Hornet.

    The Green Hornet Strikes!

    Future Hornet
    Future Hornet

    In the future, a new Green Hornet fights crime in Chicago. He was orphaned by John Reid after his brother died protecting the city, in order to protect Luke and end the hornet line. But after Luke started using the Green Hornet name as a guise on the internet to bring out the truth and bring in unfiltered news, John sacrificed himself in order to protect Luke. Luke has recently found out about his real father, and with the help of Katos new and old, he will reclaim the hornet mantel.

    Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet

    The Green Hornet and Kato must once again clash with Batman and Robin after their mutual enemy Colonel Gumm promoted to General Gumm returns. Gumm orchestrated a train heist to steal some valuable fossils that were headed to the Green Hornet's city. Gumm barged in to take them, but the Green Hornet and Kato intervened and Gumm attempts to escape. Although Batman and Robin were atop the train, but Green Hornet and Kato soon followed. Even though Gumm's appearance had changed, Batman and Green Hornet instantly recognized him. Gumm used his very strong glue formula to stick them atop a train that was headed for a tunnel. Both teams in their own way escaped and went on to try and discover Gumm's plan.

    They soon learn that Gumm has teamed up with the Joker and not too long after that, both Robin and Kato are taken hostage prompting Batman and Green Hornet to work together. After a visit to the Batcave, Batman and Green Hornet find their captive partners and release them. However soon both teams clash again after both sides managed to figure out the villain's next scheme was which soon resulted in Batman and Robin's capture.


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