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Millions of Green Hornet fans grew up hearing, the watching their favorite hero battle the forces of evil.

The Green Hornet. He and his faithful partner Kato patrol the nights of a big city as costumed vigilantes - working outside the law to bring to justice criminals who elude the police. They strike fear into law-breakers with their specially-made weapons and a car with options that would make James Bond jealous. As the modern-day Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet inspired and thrilled the youth of many generations with his unusual style of fighting criminals. And Kato was the perfect partner, supplying tactical support and his own unique martial artistry.

The Green Hornet: Collector's Edition brings together the first twelve issues of the Green Hornet comic book. It relates the complete history of the Green Hornet and Kato, beginning with the original story as told on the radio. Each incarnation of the team is presented within the framework of the Reid family, the crimefighter's wealthy alter-egos. The collection also features:

  • The "memoirs" of the first Green Hornet, Britt Reid.
  • The Kato and Reid family trees.
  • The evolution of the Black Beauty, the technologically advanced car invented by the Green Hornet and improved by each generation.

Each version of the show had its star. Van Williams is perhaps the best known. He was the Green Hornet in the 1960s television show, and his fans have not forgotten him. To thousands of people, Van Williams is the Green Hornet. He returns that affection in the book's introduction.

The stories were drawn and written by of the top teams in the comics industry, Jeff Butler and Ron Fortier. Jeff Butler is the co-creator of Badger, one of the longest-running comics produced by an independent comic book company. And Ron Fortier wrote the best-selling comic series, The Terminator.

The stories and art are not just for Green Hornet Fans, but for anyone who loves a mystery. This book is much more than comics for kids, it's an illustrated novel that deserves a place on bookshelves and coffeetables.


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