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Cover by John Byrne and Ken Steacy.

  1. "The Origins of Superman" 8 page text piece by John Byrne.
  2. "Gathering the Greatest" 3 page text piece by Mike Gold.
  3. "Superman versus Luthor" Reprinted from Superman #4.
  4. "Superman versus the Archer" Reprinted from Superman #13.
  5. "What if Superman ended the war?" Reprinted from Look Magazine 1943.
  6. "The Mysterious Mr. Mxyztplk!" Reprinted from Superman #30.
  7. "The Origin of Superman!" Reprinted from Superman #53.
  8. "The Girl of Steel!" Reprinted from Superman #123.
  9. "Clark Kent's College Days" Reprinted from Superman #125.
  10. "The Super-Key to Fort Superman" Reprinted from Action Comics #241.
  11. "The Battle with Bizarro" Reprinted from Superboy #68.
  12. "The Girl from Superman's Past!" Reprinted from Superman #129.
  13. "Superman's other Life!" Reprinted from Superman #132.
  14. "The Night of March 31st!" Reprinted from Superman #145.
  15. "The Death of Superman!" Reprinted from Superman #149.
  16. "The Amazing Story of Superman-Red & Superman-Blue!" Reprinted from Superman #162.
  17. "In Search of a Dream!" Reprinted from Forever People #1.
  18. "Must there be a Superman?" Reprinted from Superman #247.
  19. "For the Man who has Everything..." Reprinted from Superman Annual #11.
  20. "The Secret Revealed!" Reprinted from Superman #2.
  21. "End Notes" by Robert Greenberger.

Note: Book design by Keith Wilson.



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Story Arcs

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