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    This Hardcover and trade paperback collects the following stories:

    1. "Batman versus the Joker" reprinted from Batman #1.
    2. "The Case of the Joker's Crime Circus!" reprinted from Batman #4.
    3. "The Joker and the Sparrow" reprinted from the Batman daily newspaper comic strip (1948).
    4. "The Man behind the Red Hood!" reprinted from Detective Comics #168.
    5. "The Joker's Crime Costumes!" reprinted from Batman #63.
    6. "The Joker's Utility Belt!" reprinted from Batman #73.
    7. "The Crimes of Batman!" reprinted from World's Finest Comics #61.
    8. "The Crazy Crime Clown!" reprinted from Batman #74.
    9. "Superman's and Batman's Greatest Foes!" reprinted from World's Finest Comics #88.
    10. "Crime-of-the-Month Club!" reprinted from Batman #110.
    11. "The Great Clayface-Joker Feud" reprinted from Batman #159.
    12. "The Joker Jury!" reprinted from Batman #163.
    13. "The Joker's Happy Victims!" reprinted from Batman Kellogg's Special (1966).
    14. "The Joker's Five-Way Revenge!" reprinted from Batman #251.
    15. "Death has the Last Laugh" reprinted from The Brave and the Bold #111.
    16. "The Last Ha Ha" reprinted from Joker #3.
    17. "The Laughing Fish!" reprinted from Detective Comics #475.
    18. "The Sign of the Joker!" reprinted from Detective Comics #476.
    19. "Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker...!" reprinted from Batman #321.

    Hardcover Edition Notes:

    1. Cover by Kyle Baker.
    2. "The Joker's Dozen" a 5 page text piece by Mike Gold.
    3. "Stacking the Deck: The Other Joker Stories" a 6 page text piece by Mark Waid.
    4. "Creating the Greatest" a 5 page mini-biography of the writers and artists whose works appear in this book by Brian Augustyn.
    5. Book design by Veronica Carlin.



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