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    If you've ever wondered why the 1940s are considered the Golden Age of Comics, you can stop wondering, because the answer will be clear in the pages of THE GREATEST GOLDEN AGE STORIES EVER TOLD. This is a 288-page hardcover volume featuring 22 of the best tales the Golden Age DC, All-American and Quality Comics lines had to offer, including some fabulous firsts.

    1. Cover by Jerry Ordway.
    2. "One Man's Gold is another Man's Copper Pyrite an unabashedly personal view" a 4 page text piece by Roy Thomas.
    3. "The Roots of Magic" a 4 page text piece by Mike Gold.
    4. "The Siege of Krovka" (Boy Commandos) reprinted from Detective Comics #69.
    5. "While the City Sleeps!" (Batman) reprinted from Batman #30.
    6. "The Thought Terror" (Hawkman) reprinted from Flash Comics #4.
    7. "Where is Amorpho?" (Plastic Man) reprinted from Plastic Man #21.
    8. "Superboy says "Give Your Town a Present!" reprinted Public Service Ad.
    9. "The Story of Wildcat" (Wildcat) reprinted from Sensation Comics #1.
    10. "Riddle of the Topaz Brooch!" (Black Canary) reprinted from Flash Comics #96.
    11. "The Count" (Kid Eternity) reprinted from Kid Eternity #3.
    12. "Midget Cartoonist" (Scribbly) reprinted from All-American Comics #6.
    13. "The Icicle Goes South!" (Green Lantern) reprinted from All-American Comics #92.
    14. "The Pawn Broker" (Sandman) reprinted from Adventure Comics #51.
    15. "The Rise and Fall of Norman Empire" (Flash) reprinted from All-Flash Quarterly #14.
    16. "The Menace of the Invisible Raiders!" (Starman) reprinted from Adventure Comics #67.
    17. "The Green Arrow and the Red Feather Kid" reprinted Public Service Ad.
    18. "Boys from Nowhere" (Spectre) reprinted from More Fun Comics #57.
    19. "The Lonesome Kangaroo!" (Vigilante) reprinted from Action Comics #124.
    20. "Dime Store Detective" (Slam Bradley) reprinted from Detective Comics #1.
    21. "The President's Been Kidnapped" (Black Condor) reprinted from Crack Comics #19.
    22. "The Day That Was Five Years Long!" (Johnny Quick) reprinted from Adventure Comics #144.
    23. "Superman Returns to Krypton!" (Superman) reprinted from Superman #61.
    24. "Robotman Vs. Rubberman!" (Robotman) reprinted from Star Spangled Comics #77.
    25. "The Plateau of Oblivion!" (Blackhawk) reprinted from Modern Comics #67.
    26. "Icebound Maidens" (Wonder Woman) reprinted from Wonder Woman #13.
    27. "The Injustice Society of the World!" (Justice Society of America) reprinted from All-Star Comics #37.
    28. "Biographies: Creating the Greatest" a 3 page mini biography of the writers and artists whose works appear in this book by Mark Waid.
    29. "End Notes" a 4 page text piece by Robert Greenberger.

    Note: Book Design by Julia Sabbagh.



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