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     THE GREATEST BATMAN STORIES EVER TOLD is an anthology that takes the reader through the many different incarnations of Batman through the last 60 years. Reprinting stories from the Dark Knight's entire career, this book portrays the Batman as equal parts crime fighter, detective, and super hero. An overview of the entire Batman mythos, these tales feature some of Batman's most famous allies and foes, including Superman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and the Scarecrow.
    This has anj introdduction by Dick Giodano aforward by Mike Gold both explaining who and what and why the stories were told. 
    The stories are as follows: 
    Batman vs. The Vampire parts 1 and 2 . In this Batmans fianceJulie Madison is hypnotized by a vampire and Batman must go to Europe to save her. 
    Dr. Hogo Strange and the Mutant Monsters - Strange uses an serum on people and turn them into 15 foot monsters 
    Knights Of Knavery - Joker and Penguin team up to try to steal a rare necklace. 
    1001 Umbrellas Of the Penguin - Penguins aunt comes to visit and Batman and Robin vow to arrest him after she leaves. This is where we findhis name this is from the syndicated strip. 
    Origin Of The Batman - We learn that Joe Chill killed Bruce's mo m and dad and he is shot by mobsters because he helped with Bruce being Bats. 
    Birth Of batplane 2 - In this one a test goes wrong and the first batplane falls into the wrong hands. 
    Operation Escape - A short Robin story telling how to use things to escape places ala MacGyver. 
    The Jungle Cat Queen - Catwoman steals diamonds and our dynamic duo fololow her to her hideout island. 
    The First Batman - A cool story about Thomas Wayne taking dow a thug while wearing a batsuit. 
    Origin of the Superman Batman team - A story where Supes uses a robot because he didn't want Bats and Robin to get hurt very nice. 
    Robin Dies At Dawn - A science experiment brainwashes Bats into thinkingRobin was in trouble. Only to snap out of it Robin had to be in really big trouble and Bats snaps out of it. . 
    the Ha.lf anEvil - Two face sinks a ship and wants it's gold . 
    Man-Bat Over Las Vegas - Kirk Langstom and his wife are studing Bats nnear Las Vegas and people start dying has Langstrom returned to being the Man-Bat or is is a case of mistaken identity? 
    The Batman Knowbody Knows - Classic story as Bruce takes a bunch of inner city kids to go camping and each boy says what he thinks batman looks like. 
    Deathmask = A scientist turns evil thanks to a mask that distributes a drug when they put it on. 
    Death ZFlies The Haunted Skies - A employee of an aeronatic company steals money from the company to cover his gambling loss. The owners try to find out but they need Batman when A ghost plane decides to kill them all. 
    There Is No Hope In Crime Alley - here we meetDr. Thompkins who helped Bruce after his parents were murdered. He goes on the anniversaryh of his parents deathtio see her but ends up recuing her. 
    Death Strikes At Midnight and Three - this one is all wriiten  save some illustrations about a man wanting to get away after a hit. 
    The Deadshot Ricochet -n Afight between Bats and Deadshot and another of Bruce's loves Silver St. Cloud discovers that Bruce is Bats 
    Bat-Mite's new York Adventure - A silly funny Bat-mite story in which he goes to the offices of DC and wants his own strip. 
    A Caper A Day keeps The batman Away - Calender Man goes on a crime spree and it's up to oiur man to take him down 
    To Kill A Legend - Great story where The phantom  needs the help of Bats to stop another killing of Thomas And Martha Wayne on another earth . Does he top it or does he hinder it. 
    The Autobiography Of Bruce Wayne - This is a wonderful story of earth 2 Bat-man his final adventure and death in this story. Here he finds and falls in love with Catwoman. 
    We have end notes from Robert Greenberger.


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    This is why graphics and trades need to be published. Whether it's the $50 hardcover or these that reprints stories at in reasonable price it works. You get the history and incarnations and people's take on Batman. You get the grim late30's to the cheesy 50's and back to the dark era we still have now. The stories that were picked I feel are the best of the best. However the Joker has his own book too. That's where we will see more of him which is fine. I wish the would do more like that you kno...

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