The Golem

    Character » The Golem appears in 27 issues.

    An ancient old creature whom fought against evil. Several Marvel characters have been the Golem.

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    "In centuries agone, they had called him a myth, a creature formed of stone and clay and the blood of a people's oppression - a moving monolith who rose before the voice of tyranny - shattered it in his monumental fists - then vanished into the sands of time - there to be almost forgotten - until today! Now, once more, he rises - summoned from his eons-long sleep to protect those he loves. Now for the first time in untold decades - there walks the Golem!"

    The Golem was approximately seven feet tall and carved out of stone. He possessed superhuman strength and durability, the extent of which varied with the strengths of his connection to those for whom he felt love. At his weakest, he was only slightly stronger than man, but at his peak, he could trade blows with the Thing (Class 90). In addition, where he was at his peak, the word "EMETH" (meaning truth) would glow on his forehead. According to legend, if the "E" were erased, to spell "METH" (meaning death), he would collapse, leaving an inert husk. Apparently, another Golem could than be created.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Historic Appearances

     In the 15th Century, in the city of Prague, the wise man Judah Loew Ben Bezazel created the form of the Golem, caving him out of rock, and breathing life into him by supernatual means. He then set the creature against those responsible for his people's plight, and it fought for them until "there was justice for his people in the city of Prague," after which it vanished from them forever.

    The Golem wandered off to other lands, fighting tyranny wherever it encountered it. Eventually, the Golem wandered out into the desert, where it stood immobile, until it was completely covered with sand.

    Centuries later Professor Abraham Adamson led an archeology party consisting of his niece and nephew, Rebecca and Jason, and Rebecca's fiance, Wayne Logan, to the deserts, specifically in search of the Golem. They were successful and found the creature. They dug him up. The team encountered a family of Arabs and offered them food and shelter. The Arabs soon turned to robbing the party and when the professor tried to stop them they shot him. The Arab leader took the others with him to prevent them from revealing Adamson's death and causing a national incident. Adamson then located his scrolls on the Golem and repeated the spell to revive it, and shed a tear on it just before dying from his wounds. The Golem revived with Adamson's soul. The Golem attacked and destroyed the Arabs.

    In Recent Times

    After this act the Golem remained with the rest of the team and his niece Rebecca recognised her uncle's spirit in the gleam in the golem's eyes.The invariable and remorseless enemy of the Golem was the leader of the Demon-Ruin, the demon Kaballa. This entity spied on the Golem and sent emissaries to attack him during his brief and interrupted run of stories in Strange Tales in the 1970s and in the last known appearance, in Two-In-One, until the Howling Commandos (a sort of creature commandos type concept reworking for Marvel) recent run.


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