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The Squad was formed when Athena petitioned each of the Earth godheads, to send out it's best warrior, to combat the threat of the two Skrull eternals Sl'gur't and Kly'bn.

Only 5 of the godheads agreed to Athena's term, since they were suspicious of the idea and believed Athena assembled this group to weaken the other pantheons.
  1. The Kami chose Mikaboshi, the god of evil and the best shape-shifter.
  2. The Aztecs chose Ajak, the eternal whom speaks to Celestials.
  3. The god of the north chose Narya, Alpha Flight's Snowbird.
  4. The Greeks chose Hercules, the prince of power.
  5. And the Egyptians chose Demogorge, the devourer of gods.
During the battle against the Skrull eternals, Ajak and Demogorge died. Mikaboshi was believed dead as well, but he emerged from the ruins of the battle, shortly after Snowbird, Amadeus Cho and Hercules left.
Eventually Mikaboshi returned having taken over a number of patheons from other worlds and gained enough power to take on his true form as the Chaos King and with the goal to return existance back into the void that was before. Hercules now a skyfather empowered many earth heroes to fight against him but it wasn't enough. Hercules summons Silver Surfer and Galactus to fight against Chaos King and Daimon Hellstorm later arrives to fight. After Mikaboshi claims the hells of earth. The heroes are contacts by the Kami hoping to be able to seal Mikaboshi as they had done before. They are joined by Bast but after finding the other Kami they discover they are being controlled by Mikaboshi and release an army of demons on the Squad Bast sacrfices herself so the others can escape.
1. Hercules now a Skyfather thanks to his sidekick Amadeus cho 
2. Thor Thunder god of the Norse gods
3. Silver Surfer Herald of Galactus and weilder of the power cosmic
4. Galactus The Devourer of Worlds having existing since the end of the reality before this source of the power cosmic
5. Sersi Eternal and a former Avengers like Hercules
6. Venus a siren of great power who chose to be confused with the god Venus
7. Daimon Hellstorm The Son of Satan
8. Bast The Egyptian cat god an Panther God of wakanda

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