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    Character » The Ghost appears in 37 issues.

    The Ghost's greatest weapon was the teleportation device he wore on the glove of his right hand. This device could teleport him anywhere on Earth, enabling him to bypass barriers and commit crimes.

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    Born in poverty, Alec Rois was shunned by his peers as he grew up alone and unloved. As a result of his devotion to his studies, he became a skilled scientist.
    Alec Rois would soon work for Lockleed Aricraft on weapons technology where Rois succeeded in developing a working teleportation device called the Stealthray. Lockleed Aircraft wanted to sell the new device and at first Rois intended to give his invention to the world, but the memory of all those years without friends or money stopped him, and he decided to use the machine to further his own ends. With the feeling that the creation belonged to him, he denied Lockleed Aircraft's ownership to the device. Designing a striking costume, Rois sewed miniature versions of his teleport device into the palms of his gloves and embarked upon a career of crime as the Ghost!

    Using his newly found ability to go anywhere and pass through any object, no matter how thick or impenetranble, the Ghost quickly amassed a fortune, which he used to further his scientific studies. At last, fearful that the Ghost could begin to steal top secrets, the U.S. government employed the services of Captain Atom and Nightshade to track down the Ghost and put an end to his crime spree permanently.

    After several failed attempts to defeat the master of teleportation, Captain Atom accidentally ruined the mechanism in Rois' glove, and the Ghost appeared to be torn apart by the wierd energy field set up by the teleportation device and vanished.

    In fact, the accident had merely teleported the Ghost to an unknown destination, permanently fusing his teleportational device to his hand in the process. mOnths later the Ghost returned, only to find himself the object of worship by the female inhabitants of the hidden civilisation called Sunuria. The Sunurian woman believed the Ghost to be the reincarnation of their evil god called the Faceless One, so they captured him and brought the Ghost to their hidden kingdom to rule it. While there, the Ghost had the teleportation device that had been fused to his hand covered by a new lair of flesh. From his new hidden base, the Ghost was able to continue his battles with Captain Atom.
    The Ghost would return and kidnap three people including Babylon. He brainwashed them and made attempt to kill those that could be a possible threat. He turned one man into a monster known as Ironhide. Captain Atom and General Eiling had to work together, Eiling's lieutenant was the one turned to Ironhide.  Although Dr. Megala was able to help Babylon snap of his of control, Dr. Megala gave his life to stop the Ghost once and for all.


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