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A menace from beyond the multiverse, the Gentry threatens all the worlds with their corruption.

Capable of twisting the laws of the physics and corrupting reality and its inhabitants, The Gentry are living ideas with no regards towards life. They attacked and destroyed earth-7, leaving Thunderer the lone survivor. Only the intervention of Nix Uotan saved Thunderer, who instead was captured and corrupted by the Gentry and used as their agent, attacking Earths 8 ,20 and 51, and releasing Darkseid into the multiverse. With Earth after Earth being attacked the Gentry grows stronger, and on each world the Gentry attacked using agents to deploy different methods of destruction. As of now, it is unknown if the Gentry is operating alone or if they are the underlings of an even darker power. It has been speculated than each Eldritch abomination-like entity represents a supervillian archetype powered up to Godlike levels.

Until now their registered attacks are:

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